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Let's Play Cave Story

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Chapter 11: Ascend

Previously, we got the Bad End of Cave Story.

Now, we fix our mistake!

[ Yes >No]

I see...

You know, there's one other way one might return the Mimigas to their natural state.
You could destroy the island's core.
If you did that, however, the island would most likely crumble.
A dangerous choice, no?

Well, either way, we don't even know where the core is...
If you'd like to give it a try, I can wait.
But remember, if the situation grows dire, I may have to leave without you...

[ BGM - Moonsong ]

Kazuma's still here in case we decide to chicken out. For now.

But we're not going to.

No, we go UP.

Up, up, and higher still.

New enemies!

Some strange hoppers with left-facing gravity, and big ghost things that float around shooting white orbs.

To make this area a bit more manageable, all powerups drift vaguely to the left.


Still going up!

This place is extremely tall.

I ascended into some kind of cave!

And Outer Wall clear!

Let's see what we've got.

An easily-startled Mimiga, that's what!

What's this?
You're not one of those killer robots?
Well, you scared the pants off me, jumping out like that!

You wouldn't be that savior, would you?

[ BGM - Cave Story ]

This is the same song it plays on the title screen! Probably a good sign that we're in endgame.

Yeah, this place is effing HUGE.

Let's explore!

A door I can't get to!

Monsters that throw boomerangs when provoked!

They ignore you when ignored, though, so I tend to leave them alone.

Oddly quiet Mimigas!

Green things that run back and forth!

A door I CAN get to!

It's that fishing Mimiga from chapter 1!

Yeah, back at the Mimiga village.
Someone called "Misery" snatched me up and brought me here.
But man, I hate farming.

I was just heading out to go fishing for a change of pace.
Do you like to fish?
Well, see you around later.

Why, yes.

I feel that I DO like fishing.

Descending to lower level of the plantation!

There's a lake down here!

Also giant dragonfly mosquito things. They're pretty harmless.

Fish that shoot bubbles!

You can use them as platforms, but I mean. I can fly.

And found him!

I caught something weird just now.
You can have it, if you want.
It's in the bucket there.

This looks useful!

And I do believe this is the very teleporter room!

This guy doesn't seem to mind me?

Anyway let's see where this teleporter le

To be continued!

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