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Let's Play Black & White

On a nameless, young world, a father and mother watch in alarm as their child wanders out to sea.

Sharks are approaching. The child's future looks grim.

In despair, the parents pray to the heavens.

And today...

The heavens have prepared an answer.


As my first act as the God of this world, I decided to save the live of this small creature from the two larger creatures. I am not sure why I did it; the smaller one simply appealed to me more at that moment.

The mature creatures on the land seem relieved and overjoyed to be united with the small one. How interesting! I am pleased by this.

More knowledge is flowing into my mind now... yes, the land creatures are called humans. I am taking a liking to them.

Now reunited, the humans speak to me directly. They express gratitude, and wish to bring me back to their village. Yes, I think I will do this. I like these humans, and greatly desire to meet more.

In the meantime, though, what's this? Two creatures have come before me. They say they are a part of me, my "conscience." One is called Good, the other Evil. These are new concepts to me, but I am very interested in learning about both of them.

Good is very kind to me, as he explains patiently how I might go about interacting with this world. It seems as first that I am confined to this one small space, but by grabbing onto the world itself, I can drag my consciousness to other places. In this way, I follow the three humans to their home.

There are so many of them! The other humans also seem excited to see me. They tell me that my coming was foretold, how interesting. Not only that, but...

They have begun building a temple for me! Evil says that when it is complete, this temple will be the focus of my power. Evil is always telling me very interesting things. I can't wait to learn more.

Good suggests that I carry lumber from their town hall to the construction site. What a great idea! In addition to helping the humans, it will impress upon them my divine power, something Evil tells me is very important.

It fascinates me how these humans have minds of their own, and act without any impetus of mine. I believe it is called "free will," and wish to learn more about this, as well.

It was completed! So this is what they call a "temple." Yes, I think I like it. I can already feel my power's connection to it.

Good and Evil congratulate me on this landmark. I think I'll take a look at the inside.

It is a wonderful temple! There are many new things on the inside of it, of which I understand very few. Good says it is all a monument to me as a God, but Evil says it is a symbol of overwhelming evil.

This is called the Challenge room. I don't understand the details, but this room is for now empty.

They called this one the Library. Currently, nothing is written here, but it promises to hold much useful information in the future.

This room is of much interest to me, but Good and Evil won't tell me anything about it. I'll have to come back later.

At the front of the temple is this scroll, which contains much interesting information. 81% of the people here believe in me... is that good or bad? I'm not sure. I feel like I want that to be more.

In the center of the temple is a wonderful map of this region. I think the red circle is my area of influence... I am still a God new to this world, so my power does not yet extend all across its surface.

I think I'll look at the rest later; there is much to see in this world.

Good thinks we should go exploring. This sounds like a wonderful idea!

Evil, on the other hand, wants to look for "Gold Story Scrolls." I don't know what those are, so I wonder which is correct? I think this time, I shall defer to Good's judgment.

There were so many curious things in the human village that I don't have the time or energy to write about all of them! Every time I read one of these signs, its information is written in the library, so I took this opportunity to learn as much as I could about the humans and their village.

I found the edge of my influence! When I try to move my hand outside of it, I can feel my power weakening. After a few seconds, I can't even hold anything.

Unfortunately, I think I'm starting to get a little bored. Maybe Evil was right after all; let's take a look at that Gold Story Scroll.

Yes, I think that's the one.

This human introduces herself as Sable, a trainer of creatures. She challenges me to open these gates. Is it really okay for a human to challenge a God? It feels wrong somehow.

She says that to open this gate, I must find the three Gate Stones. The villagers were dancing around one when I first met them; I think I'll go get it now.

Something of this size isn't hard to pick up at all. Would a human have difficulty doing this? I think they would.

It looks very nice here; I can see why Sable siggested that I find these. I wonder where the other two might be?

This human tells me that her sick brother is lost, and she fears that he may die. I'm not quite sure I understand yet... is it bad for humans to die? All mortal creatures die eventually, so I think it might be normal, but she says that if I find her brother, she will give me a Gate Stone. If she says this, then dying must be something she doesn't want to happen to her brother.

Evil says I should break her house open and take it by force. I'm not so sure... this feels like a wrong thing. I think I will find her brother, instead.

The sick human was not hard to find. I think that the other one was correct; if left here, he would definitely die. It looks like he cannot walk on his own, so I will carry him back to the village.

This is... a good thing, yes. I feel that I have done a good thing.

The second Gate Stone has been placed! However, Sable tells me that the third Gate Stone was destroyed aeons ago. Why, I wonder, did she tell me to find it? No matter, I will find another way.

The town sculptor says he can make a Gate Stone for me, but only if I bring him the proper stone. Since I'm his God, shouldn't he find the stone himself? ...No, that is a silly thought. If I am to guide these people, I must help them, as they are a young people, like me.

This will do nicely, I think.

Even if his request seemed strange to me, the sculptor seemed eager to help when he got the stone. He has carved a fine Gate Stone to finish opening the gates.

The three Gate Stones assembled, this task is complete. Shall we go through?

This place feels different from the others.

These must be the Creatures that Sable spoke of! Indeed, all three seem to be fine creatures.

Shall I pick the Cow, mighty and strong? The ape, smart and quick to learn? Or the tiger, fierce and deadly? All three seem like good decisions... I will have to think on this for some time.

[[OOC Time!

First order of business: Is this fun to read? It's fun to write, but I'm curious if the style is entertaining for other people, being a fairly significant divergence from my usual style.

Second order of business: Help God pick a creature! I leave my decision in your capable hands.]]

[Poll #1513996]

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