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Let's Play Black & White

Chapter 0: Eden

Part 2: Creature

I have thought long and hard, and I think this is the creature that appeals to me the most. I will pick the Tiger.

The moment my choice was made, I found the creature asleep by my temple. Such is the way of being a God, I suppose.

I think I will call it Nate.

Nate is frightened, or so Sable tells me. As a God, I suppose one of my duties is to look after my creature, so this will not do.

After petting Nate for a while, he seems much happier. Sable has left me alone, so I think I'll watch this creature to see what it will do next.

After a short time, Nate seems to have become hungry. I wonder what tigers eat?

My mind drifts back to my first moments in this world. If the swimming creatures eat other creatures smaller than them, then perhaps my creature can eat them in turn?

The swimming creatures were a success, so I try a walking creature this time, one with four legs. It seemed to like that as well. I am pleased, as I now know how to feed a tiger.

I wonder if it would eat humans? I decide against finding out for now. However, Nate decides to throw Sable, something which seems to upset her.

Sable is kind to me, so I punish Nate by striking him forcefully. I can't help but wonder if there is a better way to do such a thing?

I hear it is time to take Nate on a walk! This thing is called the Leash of Learning. I'm sure Sable will teach me how to use it, as she does all things pertaining to Nate.

The Leash seems to have the power to guide Nate to wherever I wish him to go. I can see why this wouldd be useful, but for now, I don't have anywhere in particular I wish for Nate to be, so I'll just take him on a walk.

The kind human Sable bids me farewell, but tells me of a great creature hidden on this island, which has much wisdom. This piques my interest; I think I will go and find the creature.

A little searching reveals a mighty creature, much more impressive than Nate. I assume this is the creature of which Sable spoke! Most exciting.

It can speak! I don't know if it is a good creature or a bad creature, but it wants to meet Nate. I will bring him here using the leash.

Oh, my, this creature really is much larger than mine, isn't it? He speaks with sincerity, saying that it has been aeons since he saw another God or creature.

This creature says that he once belonged to the most powerful of all Gods, a being named Nemesis. But he wasn't bold enough, and was banished to this island. I wonder, will I meet other Gods on this world? Will I meet Nemesis?

He invites me to the next village, saying he will teach me the ways of the Gods. How fortunate I am, that so many are willing to teach! Eager to learn, I follow him to the next village at once.

There really is another village! The creature tells me that these people do not yet believe in me as a God. This saddens me. Perhaps my creature and I can show them our power, giving them no choice but to believe?

Seeing that the villagers have no food, the creatures gives me a miracle with which I can create it. Surely this will impress them, and they will believe in my divine power!

I can feel the joy of these people, but also fear and wonder. I suppose such things are not normal for them, so this is to be expected.

It seems that the humans still need some more belief, so I will continue to feed them until they accept me as their deity.

The Aztecs now worship me! It is a good feeling, to see my influence spread. I think I would like many, many more humans to accept me as their God.

My work is done here for now, so I think I will look around, to see what this world has to offer.

What is this? It seems that some humans are doing something interesting. This is the first I have heard of it, so I wish to know more.

The humans speak in a strange way, while making odd noises. I think it is called music? I do not like it very much.

They seem to wish to leave this island. This saddens me, as the island is my only domain, but I will help them nevertheless. I bring them wood, I bring them grain, and still they ask for more. I thought that humans had free will - why can they not do these things themselves? I am displeased with these humans, and only help them further out of desire for them to no longer be among my people.

Once all their needs are fulfilled, the irritating humans leave the island. I wish to hear no more from them.

For my deeds, however, I am rewarded with a miracle dispenser! I can now cause water to rain from the heavens. I think this was almost worth it.

After playing with my new miracle a little, I will bring my creature back to Nemesis's creature to learn more.

The nameless creature says that he was often sent into battle by Nemesis. Is that a normal thing to do with a creature? I do not know if I like the idea. Nevertheless, I will learn, at the least.

The arena is drawn, and the fight begins. Nemesis's creature teaches me how to attack and how to defend, although Nate can do all of these without my assistance.

After the lessons, we have some good-natured combat. Nate is very fierce and powerful! If another creature were to attack my people, I am confident that he could defend them.

After the fight, the creature returns to its full size, and tells me that he has a dangerous secret to tell me. I am slightly nervous about this, but I... I must know. I follow the creature to the mountain.

Nemesis's old creature tells me about the Creed, the source of all divine power. He tells me of Nemesis's ambition to become the only God. Before he can say more, Nemesis himself speaks, cursing him for his treachery.

The creature burns. Nemesis's wrath is so great that my creature is severely wounded simply from being near the assault. I am once again alone on this island.

This feeling... is it fear?

But Nemesis is not content. His thuder rages from the heavens, striking down my village. I use my feeble water miracle to put out the fires, but it is simply not enough. Will my reign end so soon?

But what's this? Some strange light is coming from the ground here. Perhaps this is my salvation!

It seems to be some sort of portal. Good and Evil suggest I throw in whatever I can, so that it will be waiting on the other side.

First priority is the humans - I will throw as many as I can in. After all, as frightening as this vortex may be, it cannot be worse than the wrath of Nemesis.

By the time the food and wood have been send through, I don't think anyone is left - the village is a broken shell. There is nothing for me here.

To be continued

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