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I keep changing numbering schemes

Chapter 3: Khazar

I thankfully survived the trip through the portal. Everything I sent through has appeared here, in a new land. I am, for the moment, safe from Nemesis.

There are other Gods here! This one calls himself Khazar, and seems to wish to speak with me on matters of great importance. I suspect I already know what they involve.

Khazar is locked in a divine war with a servant of Nemesis; a God named Lethys. I agree to help him in this struggle, in exchange for which he will help my people recover from their destruction.

Khazar gives me a handful of scaffolds with which to direct the construction of my new village, in addition to large bounties of wood, food, and water. He will clearly be a useful ally.

Time to get to work!

Our first priority is to build a new temple. I know that my people have many needs, but this must be completed first, so that I may help them accomplish these goals. Using my divine powers, I turn several of my villagers into Disciples, working tirelessly on their appointed task.

It is finished! It looks much like the old one; I am quite pleased. In the distance, light shines from what I believe to be Khazar's temple.

Now, to construct the village itself.

As the village itself becomes more solid, Khazar sends me a disciple to build what he callas a Worship Site. This is new to me, but during times such as this, it is imperative that I learn quickly.

Good and Evil tell me that this will give me a way to cast miracles at will! This is most fortuitous; my people are suffering, and I wish to help them in any way I am able.

The worship site is complete! The humans flock to it to dance and worship me, and I can feel their faith become my strength. My people offer three miracles - the miracles of food, wood, and water. I will repay them for their tribute by helping to expand their home.

A workship is built, and manned by one of Khazar's disciples. I can use his talents to construct my village! I will provide much wood to his services, as my people are living outdoors for want of homes.

The village is growing steadily, but still there is not enough room. The people increasee steadily in number; I can barely keep up with them.

Khazar's disciples grant me a fourth power - the miracle of Forest. I can create vast wooded areas to be harvested by my people for materials.

There is now a second village within my domain! Khazar teaches me of the skills of using miracles, and together we impress them by granting them wood and food.

This seems a nice way to do things - look at what the villagers want or need, and give it to them to impress them of my power and benevolence. Evil says I should instead impress them with fear. I wonder if this would be faster?, I'll continue to do things this way.

And I am met with success! There are now two villages who worship me as their patron God; however, my work is not done. I must continue to claim more land and gain more influence, in the direction of Lethys's realm. Nemesis must not be allowed to destroy the Gods, and so must his servants be denied their faith.

This village shall be the third; however, I must first tend to the many needs of my two current villages. Humans are fragile creatures, and must be looked over with great care for them to survive.

In preparation for the upcoming battles, Khazar gives me two more miracles - Fireball and Physical Shield. I hope not to have to use these, but... I am prepared to defend my people.

Another success! The faithless are rather easy to persuade, between the power of my miracles and the presence of my Creature, these villagers chose me as their God almost effortlessly.

My land is increasing in size and power steadily; my people becoming happier, my miracles stronger. But now, things will get much harder.

The next closest village is outside of my realm of influence. Furthermore, it is inside the domain of Lethys. Not only will I be influencing from a distance, but I will also be competing with another God who can affect them much more easily.

Tragedy strikes! A plague is spreading in my newest village. I must find the cause... I wonder if Lethys is responsible? Would a God do something like that? I can scarcely imagine it.

Oh dear, this seems to be the source. All of the village's grain is rancid! I don't have any miracle that will stop this... what should I do?


It saddens me to take away from these people, but throwing all of their food away is the only way to save them. Is this an evil act? Is it good? I am finding that sometimes the distinction is difficult to see. The people are upset, and hungry. I will do what I can for them now.

A fourth village! I have claimed this land out from under the domain of Lethys; our realms are overlapping now. A direct confrontation is all but inevitable.

The next village presents a new problem. These are not faithless humans at the fringes of another realm; these people are Lethys worshippers. I do not simply need to convince them of my power; I will need to actively compete with the beliefs they already hold. Furthermore, I'm sure that Lethys will not take kindly to this intrusion.

There are many villages left between here and the temple of Lethys. Will I be able to convince them of my superiority? I imagine the road ahead will be a dangerous and difficult one.

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Fascinating. I'm really enjoying these updates. Keep it up!