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Let's Play Black & White

Chapter IV: Sacrifice

The fourth village under my dominion, I must tend to their needs quickly, so that I may begin to influence the minds of the disciples of Lethys to the north.

The wisemen of this village say they have a gift for me in gratitude for my presence. Hopefully something which can aid me on my quest.

Anything which is placed upon my altar is transformed into life energy, fueling my miracles. The chief offers to me his firstborn son as a sacrifice.

I... I do not know what to do. Since I became a God, I have never killed a human. Evil, of course, urges me to do it, while Good suggests I sacrifice something else, like a plant.

I do not think I like the prospect of killing this child, so I will adopt a middle ground.

From a nearby field, I pick up a cow, and sacrifice it to the altar. I can feel it die, its life becoming my power. The miracles granted by this altar are... limited in practicality, but the Heal miracle, at least, should be most useful.

This is the next village. Lethys is a cruel God, so the people have many needs, which I will be more than happy to fulfill! With time, surely they will come to love me more than they fear Lethys.

Another human begs for my help, his temple built in such a place that it is flooded repeatedly. Again, the humans ask me to solve problems that they caused themselves, but the battle against Lethys is calm for now, so I see no harm in helping him move it.

A trivial task, for a God such as myself. In return, his temple will magically heal any being that enters it. Nothing I can't do myself, but I'll keep it in mind if I have to conserve prayer energy.

Various tasks continue to take up my time, ultimately leading me to such boons as a new Miracle Dispenser. Using it, I create a magical flock of winged creatures, finally winning over a fifth village! Lethys is being pushed back.

However, this brings with it a new, unpleasant turn of events. Nemesis, disappointed in Lethys's failure, has come to this land himself to take control.

As before, Nemesis's wrath is immense. Khazar's villages burn in moments.

It takes little more time for Khazar's temple to be obliterated. Khazar, my only ally in this realm, is dead.

When Khazar's creature is killed, released from its body is one of the three elements of the Creed. Lethys's creature claims it. The creature flees through Nemesis's portal. I have failed.

When I last crossed Nemesis, I felt the emotion Fear. It was not at all pleasant, but the feeling I experienced when I saw Khazar destroyed by Nemesis is far worse.

I believe it is called "rage".

These people follow Lethys. They follow Nemesis. They are his power.

These people killed Khazar.

Evil? This isn't an evil act. I am teaching these people. They must know the suffering their belief has caused.

Lethys, this is justice. Through these people you give power to Nemesis, who causes unimaginable suffering. I am simply returning the favor.

Your shields will not save you. Protect against the spiritual, and boulders will rain down on them.

I need more power. This isn't enough.

Very well, human. You offer me your firstborn son?

I accept.

...I think it was the feeling of consuming a human life that shook me from my madness. What am I doing? I... I killed humans. I lashed out in anger. For a moment, for one brief moment, I was no different than Nemesis.

The life I took must be used for good. I will use the rest of this power to undo what I may have done.

Water to put out the fires. Wood to rebuild the buildings. Healing to save the dying.

But will any of it attone for what I did on this night?

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