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Minus World Codex: Kastad

Usually referred to as simply The City, Kastad is the only proper city within Nistona's radius. About 80% of the world's population call it home. The level of technology available in Kastad is much like modern Earth's, but not exactly like it - lack of access to the resources from the old world forced a lot of dramatic advances in energy sources. Cars are a rare sight, since travel within Kastad is mostly by public transit and few people have much need to head out into the country. Ethnically, Kastad is quite diverse, despite its small size and isolation. Names originating from a dozen old world languages are all common.

There are a handful of smaller towns outside of Kastad - Meklos to the north, Makasar to the east, Bellville near the center of the barrier, and Kryfon in the northeast. Beyond that is just scattered farms.

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