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Let's Play Cave Story

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Chapter 3: Master's Precious Eggs

Previously on Cave Story, a Mimiga was captured by a giant monster!


A life capsule!

I can't reach it!

So instead, we'll hit the door at the bottom.

Fortunately, in this world, Cthulhu isn't too bad of a guy.

What's that?
Your memory's gone?

A little backstory for our amnesiac silent hero! How mysterious.

And we're up here now!

Max HP is up to 13 now!

Gettin' pretty sturdy.

When you fill up the WP bar at level 3, it doesn't advance - 3 is the cap. The only purpose of WP after level 3 is to be a buffer zone so that you don't immediately drop back to level 2 when you get hit.

Incidentally, There's something suspicious on the screen here!


Made it!

There's a hole in the bottom here, so I can get inside Egg #6.


This is straightforwards.

This should come in handy at some point!

What it was doing in an egg is anyone's guess.

Another new enemy! The giant bugs act similar to the small ones, but they can also shoot green energy orbs at me, and take several hits to kill even at max power.

Also, we have a new room!

Save point, treasure, and a ton of computer terminals!

Each one lights up as I pass it by, indicating a normal egg. 16 eggs, 16 terminals.

The only two that show up as abnormal are No. 01 and No. 06.

We already got the keycard from 6, so next is to check 1!

But first: TREASURE.

Two weapons, woo!

Oh baby, this thing looks powerful.

However, unlike the Polar Star, it has limited ammo - 10, at the moment. Enemies can drop ammo, an health stations restore missiles as well as HP.

Let's take it for a test drive!

The level 1 missiles does 10 damage, in addition to doing splash damage to the area around the target. Powerful already!

At level 2, the missile gets bigger, and is beefed up to 15 damage!

Getting it any higher takes a fair bit of WP...

Got level 3 in time to find Egg No. 01!

Shield lowered.

Shield? What shield?

If you don't do all that hubbub with the eggs, there's an energy field blocking you from advancing between those two angry blocks. Fortunately, I knew about that, so no backtracking required!

It's this thing again!

He looks pissed.


Igor is pretty simple. He mostly just lumbers towards you and tries to punch you.

I will be using him as a test victim for the level 3 Missile Launcher!

The Level 3 is exactly the same as the Level 1... BUT EACH SHOT FIRES THREE MISSILES IN A BURST. Maximum badassery.

Every now and then, Igor stops to charge up. Time for his ultimate attack!

Orb breath spam!

I jumped over it for extra dramatic impact, but really you can just shoot them down.

Unfortunately, even 30 missiles isn't enough to take him down. Time to switch back to the Polar Star.

Just a little longer...


Strange. Let's move on.

[ BGM - Pulse ]

The mysterious Egg No.00!

And the Mimiga from before!

Woh-oh! Hey, I'm not dead yet!
You're gonna eat it this time!!

I got creamed by that monster...
Did you save me?

[>Yes No]

I don't need your help!!
I could handle him by myself! Somehow!
Grr... I hate this stinking island, and I hate every living thing on it!

Look! It's... I think it's Number 00!
This egg could be our ticket off this island!

Egg condition: Normal!
That's what I like to hear!

Hm? A password?

Looks like you need a password to hatch this egg.

Well, crud.
If only my brother were here, he'd set things straight.

All right, looks like I'm done here for now.

Doesn't look like it, does it.
The words on your cap there...
That's not a language they have on this island.

...Did you get lost?
That's okay. I'll let you come with me.
We can get off this dump together.
In return, you're gonna help me.

And she's off!

Let's snoop around a bit.


That's all I can find here, so let's head back.

Having the max level Missile Launcher makes the trip back a breeze!

As does having no pit stops to make.


And base!

Let's head back to the village.

Are you there?
You okay?

Is it really you?

It's me.
Sue Sakamoto.
You got away too, then?
Where are you right now?
I found some Dragon eggs.
Is mom with you?

The door's stuck and I can't get out.
I'm still in this shelter-sort-of place.
The sector code is "Grasstown"...
See if you can run a scan on it from there.
Also, mom's not here.
I think she might still be with the Doctor.
Do any Dragons look immediately hatchable?

At least one of them does.
But it's locked up with a password.
Can you do anything about that?

Retrieving information for user "Kazuma"...
Location: Grasstown Structure D
Scanning for operational teleporters.
Preparing for connection to teleporter "Grasstown"...

Well, anyway, I'm coming to help you.
Just wait right there.

Oh, by the way, I really could use some food, so

User "Sue" has disconnected.


When's that other boy getting here?

Yeah? What now?
I'm kinda busy.

Toroko's been kidnapped by the Doctor's henchmen.


And we're holding YOU responsible!!

Oh no, you don't!

And we're back!

But Sue is gone.

Sue's back.
She's been locked up in the cage outside.
When the Doctor's flunkies come, we're going to try and get Toroko back.
In exchange for Sue, you see.

It's not very nice, I know, but Toroko is one of us.
That's what you get when you act alone.

Oh, dear!

Let's have a look outside.

Hold your tongue!
YOU'RE the reason Toroko got kidnapped!

Our only chance is to turn you over to them and hope for the best.

You creep-eyed freak!

If we don't get Toroko back safely, I swear I'll tear you limb from limb!


Let's go chat with Sue.

The doctor's minions kidnapped a Mimiga, thinking she was me.
Her name's Toroko, and when none of the other Mimigas would have anything to do with me, she alone was friendly and kind.

I know.
Why don't you go in my place?
My brother's in a location called Grasstown.
Find him and bring him here.

So pushy! Good thing I'm such a nice guy.

But first, let's explore some more. To up!

[ BGM - Plant ]

The Yamashita Farm! This can't be too interesting, can it?


Max HP up to 16!

Let's talk to Yamashita on the way out.

My job is to watch over the farm.
We Mimigas depend on these flowers for sustenance.

Red flowers, though, are bad news.
If you eat a red flower, they say your blood starts to boil, and soon you fall over dead!
Good thing we don't have any of those growing here.

If you look back a bit, this is another clue!

More exploration!

This area is below the Mimiga Graveyard.

Do you like treasure?


Map system acquired!

Something's written here...


Let's check it out.

Handy! This will be useful in a few specific areas in the future, although it is far from necessary.


To be continued!

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