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Let's Play Cave Story

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Chapter 4: Astroturf Nation

When we left our intrepid, nameless hero, he was about to go to Grasstown!

[ BGM - On to Grasstown ]

It is not hard to tell where the name came from!

I was off drawing some water when I suddenly got attacked by monsters.
I got away and ran back home, but somewhere along the way I dropped my key.

...I'm locked out of my own house.


A number of new enemies in this zone!

First is this new species of critter, which can fly short distances by spinning their ears like a propeller.

The Giant Critters can do it, too! Also, they have much more health and do a TON of damage if they land on you. Best to avoid it.

I'm screwing up a bit due to screencapping, so I take 6 damage right off the bat from critter harassment.

More bats! Unlike their First Cave comrades, the black bats can often be found lurking on ceilings to swoop down at you as you pass underneath.

Also, look what we found!

We is good samaritan!

Let's bring that back.

That's the key to my house!

Handed over Santa's Key.


I've never been one to say no to nice rewards.

Nice place!

It's cozy.

The sign speaks the truth!

While small spikes to 5 or 10 damage, large spikes like these do a whopping 127 - instant death no matter how far in the game you are.

Thanks, you really saved me there.
Here, you can have this.

You're looking for someone?
I haven't seen anyone else around here.
If you want to go searching farther in,
you'll have to pass through the fireplace in Chaco's house...

I have acquired the weapon that will be my boss battle mainstay for most of the mid-game!

Let's power it up.

The fireball works about the same as the fire flower in the original Mario, dropping down and then bouncing along the ground. Climbs slopes quickly!

Damage is 3 on a graze and 6 on a direct hit, but I can only have two on the screen at a time.

Level 2...

Level 3!

At full power, I can have four fireballs out at once, making this a really powerful weapon at short and medium range.

Destructible blocks overhead! Time for a detour...


Aww yeah.

Max HP: 21.

Alert! That is not player-supporting grass!

A house! And some lurking bats.

Let's blow them up and check it out.

Chaco's house! I'm guessing that's Chaco.

Santa said we need to get through her fireplace or something?

Oh, you'd like to go through my fireplace?
Then you'll need the Jellyfish Juice you can get from the Jellies.

What Jellies, you ask?


The jellies are all over the place, but none of them are giving me any juice!


A sort of miniboss, the King Jelly can only be harmed from the bottom, and drops down whenever it takes damage.

If I pound it with missiles all the way down, though...

It goes down pretty quick!



Boldly forwards into the flames!

On the plus side, I got past her house!

On the down side, the flames re-lit as soon as I got through.

Also, spike pits.


Success! And a new enemy type!

These jerks don't move, but they counter with red energy rings whenever they take damage. Gotta be more careful than I was here!

Got through the gauntlet, but from here there's no turning back!

...for a while.

Another new enemy: Frogs!

They act about like you might expect.

Another building!

The door seems to be rusted shut, though...


Hey! Over here!
You look like a nice young man.
Could you help me out?
I'd really like to get out of here.

[>Yes No]

Take this.

Received the Rusty Key.

I found this on the floor.
Go unlock the door with it, will you?

Well, there goes that plan!

What? It's not the key to this room?!
Well, that's just great...
If there's no keyhole, then we'll just have to break the door down...
Now, how would we do that...

We have no way to break that door down right now.

But! We have a key!

All the way to the left: Our destination!



Set power to ON?

[>Yes No]

Power ON.



Oh god damn it.

To be continued!

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