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Let's Play Cave Story

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Chapter 6: Puppy On Head

Last time, Kazuma and Professor Booster went careening towards the Mimiga Village on an out of control motorcycle!

Let's get the hell out of this place once and for all.

Well that isn't very encouraging.

Neither is that!

The Doctor wants to use the red flowers to make you attack the humans.

W--Why does he want to do that?!

That man is... like a demon.

And he's going to use those flowers on Toroko?

As far as I can tell, he's still looking for them.
We can only hope he doesn't find them.

If he finds those flowers, Toroko...

She would go wild...
A weapon of death...

I'll never allow that to happen!

...Are you okay?

My life flashed before my eyes.


And Professor Booster!

You're all right, then?!

Well, more or less.

Who's that Mimiga?

That's King.
A friend of mine here in the village.
There used to be tons of Mimigas here.
Nearly all of them, though, have been kidnapped by the Doctor's goons.
Even King has lost friends...

Everyone's here!

Time to get down to business.

Looks like I owe you another one.
With my brother's help, we should be able to get around the password for that egg.

Can we take this guy with us when we leave?




Sue, my dear...
We have to suspend our escape.
The Doctor has located the red flowers.



While he has not yet acquired them, it is only a matter of time.
The location is the Sand Zone.
The flowers are apparently to be found somewhere in the Sand Zone.

The Sand Zone?
You mean, that's where we'll find the Doctor?

Well, more likely one of his servants.
If we don't destroy those flowers before they get their hands on them...

However, the Sand Zone is exceedingly dangerous.
Even supposing we made the trip, there's no guarantee that we would return alive...

You're giving up?

There's one of us who's a perfect match for this job.

...Who IS he?

In fact...
This is one of the armed scout robots that were dispatched to this island 10 years ago.

A robot?!

My impression was that they had been completely wiped out, but I do not know the particulars.
It's entirely possible that one of them could have...

I've connected to the Sand Zone.

I see.

You are the most suited to exploring this island.
Please. Give us your aid.



[ BGM - Meltdown ]


Wait, come back!

As the map indicates, the Sand Zone is freaking HUGE. About twice the area of Grasstown.

We're in the bottom left corner. Time to get busy!

Climb a pit full of bugs that charge when I line up with them!

Made it!

Onwards to what is apparently the Martini Room.

We have a VISITOR!

I know what it is you're looking for!
But wake up!
Mimigas aren't your enemies!
Mimigas are harmless!!
Too bad for you, but...

You're going down!!


I'm fighting an enthusiastic girl with a huge gun!

Her Mimiga friends go down in one hit, but they stand back up a few second later. Still, important to knock them down.

When the boss flashes white, she's charging her gun!

Holy crap it's a machine gun!

Gotta time jumps carefully to get over her.

Anything else?

A bubble shield that makes her immune to missiles!

Like most midgame bosses, the best weapon ends up being the fireball.

Jump the machine gun bursts, let gravity guide the fireballs to her, keep knocking down the Mimigas.

Almost done...


I suppose you're going to kill all the Mimigas, just like the other robots?

[ Yes >No]

You're with the Mimigas too?
That's right, there's nothing bad about them!

I'm Curly.
Curly Brace.
When I woke up, I was with these children.

I don't have any memories before that...
Amnesia, you might say.

I was... probably a Mimiga-butcher just like the other robots.

Oh, wow.
That Polar Star of yours is in awful shape.
Do you want to trade it for my machine gun?

[>Yes No]

Sexy new gun acquired!

But first, some reconnaisance.

"Oh, right.
If you go and see her, you should bring along the puppy next to the bed."



Most adorable form of puppy delivery.

Level 1 machine gun!

Basically what Curly used against me, but shorter range. The 100 ammo recovers while you're not firing.

Looks like we can't enter the lower part of the map yet...

New enemy!

When you hurt them enough...

They split into smaller enemies! Great source of WP.

Max HP: 31!

Now, in this next area, we want to be careful not to touch the ground if we can avoid it.



A single step on the sand and they leap to the surface, and their steely jaws do a whopping 10 damage per hit. Extremely dangerous.

In other words, all those beautiful triangles must go to waste, sob.

As you may have noticed, leveling up the machine gun takes a TON of WP.

But if I kill them in the between areas, I can still level up!

As with the Polar Star, level 2 is longer range and twice as powerful as level 1.


I see a paw print block!

Know what that means?


Skipping by some nasty spikes, I emerge into the next area and fight even more of these guys!


While extremely powerful, ridiculous damage output isn't the only notable feature of the level 3 machine gun:


To the end of this area!


You look like quite a fighter.
But at this juncture, you're proving yourself rather a nuisance.

Shall we settle this?

Suddenly, the ground shakes!

No, there's no need for me to get involved.


This burrowing monster is our next, totally plot-unrelated opponent!

What can it do?

It can shoot balls of stuff into the air!

The red ones can be destroyed with guns, but the brown ones are indestructible, giving this attack a touch more oomph.

During this phase, it can only be hurt when its mouth is open.

When its health is low, Omega starts jumping around wildly, spewing balls into the sky!

My response?



But Misery got away again.

Apparently there was a spell on some sunstones?


Being able to fly and having all the enemies here pre-killed makes this go much faster on the return trip.


Now we can head downwards.

New enemy in these skulls that hop back and forth.

But we're interested in the area to the left!

[ BGM - Jenka 1 ]

My precious puppy!

Gave her the Puppy.

You brought him back, I take it?
Many thanks.

What's that?
Red flowers?

Oh god damn it.

Ah, Balrog.
You're doing well, I see.
And how is my halfwit of a daughter fairing?

Halfwit? You mean Misery?
She's fine, just fine.

A new master has appeared.
This time, the Earth will be ours!

So once again, you two plot to...

I'm not here to give you any trouble.
I just came to collect the key to the storehouse.
The one where the flower seeds are kept!

What on Earth are you talking about?

Playing the fool, are you?

I see how it is.
So you've chosen to betray us.

You'll regret it.

A new master...
That good-for-nothing.

There are actually four others.
Four more puppies of mine...
And my hips are so weak.
Could this old woman trouble you to find her other puppies for her?

Coming up next: The longest fetch quest in the game!


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[identity profile] 2010-12-13 01:56 am (UTC)(link)
1) What happens if you say YES I WILL KILL THE MIMIGA?

2) Hey, so little protag dude is a robot. This game is so Japanese.

[identity profile] 2010-12-13 04:58 am (UTC)(link)
1) It's an absolute BUT THOU MUST - she acts sad, then the conversation ends, and if you talk to her again, she asks again.

2) Yup.

[identity profile] 2010-12-13 07:45 am (UTC)(link)

The first exposure to cave story I had was when Prof changed his AIM icon to a picture of Protag with a puppy on his head, and I was all "wtf is that supposed to be?"