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Let's Play Cave Story

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Chapter 7: Tyrant

So! We're on a quest to get Jenka's five puppies back to her.

Number one we got last chapter. Number two is up here!

Can you see where?


Max HP: 36!

And there's a box right next to it!

What are you doing in there.


That is indeed one of my dear puppies.

Gave her the Puppy.

You're a soldier from the surface, aren't you.
It wasn't long ago that hundreds of robots like you came to this island.
Countless mimigas perished at their hands.
As did the humans two tried to protect them.
Cornered, the Mimigas finally ingested the forbidden red flowers, and in their murderous rage began to strike back against the robots.
Had the red flowers not existed, the Mimigas might have vanished entirely from the island...

Three more left. Good luck.

Now, we move into the true second half of the Sand Zone!

Lots of new enemies down here!

The skulls and the birds carrying them are two separate enemies. Right now, they float up and down, shooting bones, but if you kill the skull, the bird swoops at you, and if you kill the bird, the skull lands and starts bouncing around.

On the ground, we have walking skulls and pillbug enemies that are immune to missiles.

There are quite a few of these, but I will be ignoring most of them for now!

And at the back, a full skeleton! Jumping around and throwing bones, it's pretty sturdy, but enough machine gun punishment will take it down, then we can rescue that puppy.

C'mere, boy--

Oh get back here.

Had to chase the little bugger all the way across the sand to catch him.


Gave her the Puppy.

Thank you kindly.
We're up to three now...

Have you ever seen a frenzied Mimiga?
The cornered mimigas hoped that the red flowers would grant them strength.
They ate them, and then they fought the robots.
Do you know what happened to them afterwards?

It is a sad tale...
The enraged Mimigas, likely unable to control their own actions, disappeared without a trace.
If rumors are to be trusted, they descended to the surface, where humans life.
An army of ferocious Mimigas loosed upon the Earth...
If that were true...
Do you understand now?
Do you understand how dangerous the red flowers are?

Two more to go....

For Puppy No.4, we will take the high road!

I shouldn't even have to point it out this time.

But I will anyway! PAW PRINT BLOCK

As I approach this puppy, he ducks into the building!

A trickly little puzzle house!

First of all, those bones to the right mark the den of a Sand Croc. Second, above the croc is a powerful downwards wind. So, that route is out of the question.

But by shooting at walls, we can reveal the location of tunnels in the ceiling!

Or we can cheat and use the map.

Same route on the way out!


My puppies don't waste their affection on bad sorts.
Many thanks...

Gave her the Puppy.

You're after the storehouse key, aren't you.
Wherein lie the seeds to the red flowers...
I don't care who you are, you're not getting the key.
To open the storehouse would invite that same tragedy all over again...

One, two, three...
There's only one left.

For the final puppy, I have to journey far to the East!

Past that entire stretch of sandy area!

Up switchbacks filled with skeletons!

Carving my way through a wall of giant birds with missiles!

Leaping over deadly spikes!

And here's the storehouse!

And also our last puppy.

Save, heal, and BACK TO JENKA

Oh god damn it.

Gave her the Puppy.

They key...
They stole the key...
You must stop them.
They plan to enrage the Mimigas and release them onto the surface.

Oh, yes...
You might want this...

You can use this once, but only once, to restore your health.

And we're off!

Go go go GO GO GO GO GO

The enemy got here first!



[ BGM - Tyrant ]

Well done.
By the by...
The flowers that bloom there.
Are those the demon flowers?


My, my...
They're more uncanny than even I had imagined...

My lord...
Shall I consume one as a test?

...No, let us not do that.
Instead, let us test the reaction on a Mimiga.

Yes, my lord.

Where am...?


Feed this one a flower.

You got it.

No! Stop!

Eat it. Eat it!

Get your hands off her!!

[ BGM - Run ]

Are you okay?!

...K... King?
My... My head...

You! You're that Doctor!

Why, yes.
I am the Doctor.
And from now on, I am your new leader.
Pleased to make your acquaintance.
Now, what exactly is it you plan to do with that sword?

I'll kill you!!

My, are they really so fragile before the rage takes them?

You're that soldier from the surface!
You've come at a splendid time.
Here, they're all yours!

Oh, no, no, don't thank me.
Have fun, you three.

The Doctor teleports!

Leaving me alone with...


I... I don't want to do this, but I don't have much of a choice.

Frenzied Toroko's primary form of attack is hurling blocks at you. Each hit does 10 damage, so I can't be careless!

A narrow miss!

The blocks are extra dangerous because, while most enemy projectiles, either are destroyed by your shots or pass through them harmlessly, these actually block my attacks.

When the blocks hit the ground, they leave behind flower minions that die pretty easily.

There's no nuance or subtle strategy to this fight. Toroko's mind is too far gone for that.

It's kill or be killed.

A single hit knocks any of my weapons down a level. I'm running out of good weapons, but she's almost out of health...

Toroko is dead.

King is dead.

And I've been ambushed.

You remind me of the one back then.
A tough little robot just like you...
I can see confronting you directly just makes things complicated.

To the Labyrinth with you.

And you as well.


To be continued

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