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Let's Play Cave Story

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Chapter 10: Escape

We last left off on a dark note.

Curly was not saved.

Now, I must continue on my own.

Hey, look, this path is open now.

[ BGM - Living Waterway ]

Thanks to Curly's shield, I don't have to worry about drowning anymore!

It's impossible to capture the full visual effect here, but the lighter areas of the water are powerful currents, in this case pushing me up and to the right.

Hey look, Jellies!

And currents, going in a jillion directions at once.


Made it! And found a little house!

Am I going to stop here?


Dodging spikes all over the place at high speeds!

And we're through the area...

Fightin' time!


The current is strong enough here that it totally overrides gravity! I can freely move in all directions to fight here.

The waves of fish are harmless at first, but then they expand like pufferfish and drift back at you.

Ironhead is actually a cameo from a previous Pixel game - he was the final boss of the game he made right before this one, Ika-chan.

Thus the boss pattern - attack as he comes from the right, evade when he's on the left, dodge the blocks, repeat pattern.


But what are those?

This is sort of an easter egg - it only happens if you beat Ironhead without taking any damage. That's the protagonist of Ika-chan, except a jillion times.

[ BGM - Quiet ]

And look where I end up!

There's nobody here.

A message!

Maybe he got that egg hatched.

[ BGM - Scorching Back ]

What the hell happened to this place.

Blue robot is of no help!


Pesky critters hiding behind the number signs!

Dead sky dragons everywhere!

Tons of bugs!

More dead dragons!


Max missiles: 25!

Spikes falling from the ceiling!

Cthulhu's abode is much less welcoming now!

But Still no problem for a pro jumper like me.

More dragons!

I'm going to deal with this one in a creative way.

That's why I don't want to get hit by those!

This thing starts counting down as soon as I attack it!

We'd, uh, better give it some room.

Holy cow that is a big explosion.

A hole in the wall!

This is where I first got the missile launcher!

Like everything else here, it's seen better days.


Less good.


The Sisters fly around me in circles, breathing fire!

Normally, they are invincible.

But when they open their mouths, I can strike!

For their most dangerous attack, they start spinning quickly and both shooting fire at once!

My missile got leveled down, so I am forced to resort to cruder weapons!

Almost got them...

And defeated!

Now I can advance.


Made it, whew!

The hatch was successful!


Glad to see you're all right.
I'm the only one here.
After you left for the Sand Zone, the rest of us hurried to secure a means of escape.
That's when Misery showed up.
Sue got taken off with her, and I haven't seen the professor...

I gather the Doctor was able to obtain the seeds.
Oh, no, no, I'm not blaming you...
The Doctor's victory was assured from the moment he got his hands on that Crown, really.
It's only a matter of time before his army of wild Mimigas is complete...
After that, I fear not even you could stop him.

We've no choice but to flee...
I figured we might be able to escape if only we had a Sky Dragon.
...That's why I came here.
And now, my dragon has hatched.

...Let us pretend, for the moment, that this is the Fate/Stay Night LP again.

[>Yes No]

Let's GTFO.

It's the outer wall of the island!

Long way down.

And there's our ticket out of here.

I'd say so long, island, but this place kind of sucks.

[ BGM - Hero's End ]

Before long, the Doctor begain his attack on Earth, using the floating island as a base.
Were the countries of the Earth able to withstand the Doctor's assault?
Either way, it made no difference to you.
Together, deep in the heart of the mountains, far from the Doctor's reach,
You and Kazuma quietly lived out the rest of your days...


That was the worst of Cave Story's three endings.

We can do better.

Much, MUCH better.

To be continued!

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