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Let's Play Cave Story

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Chapter 15: Save the Robot, Save the World

We last left off with me skipping the Booster!

Between skipping that and skipping the machine gun, I am now totally devoid of flight options.

Doesn't make me any less capable of kicking Balrog's ass!

Since I never traded in my Polar Star, Curly still has the machine gun!

Continuity, that is.

The weapons are different, but otherwise this part is the same as before.

However, we have a little detour to make before starting this boss battle!

Something sparkles in the water!


Anyway let's go kick the Core's ass.


Now, things start to go wrong!

Air runs out...

Did you know that the witch-woman Jenka once had a brother?
His name was Ballos.
Like his sister, he wielded powers far beyond those of mortals...

We're back here again.


There's still time!

Let's get that girl out of here.

Gotta find somewhere safe before her vitals drop any further...

Here's a safe place!

Nice pad!

Let's get down to business.

Got Curly resting, something about a notebook.

Treatment method: ACQUIRED.



You're alive!
Oh, I'm so glad...

I didn't think we were going to make it.
Once you fell unconscious, I couldn't think of any other way...
Looks like my air tank worked just like I'd hoped.


Looks like she still needs some time to recover.

Like hell! I never get to come back here.

Curly's condition stabilized, it's back to the waterway.


Unfortunately, I didn't get the Alien Badge (win without taking damage) on this playthrough. At least I got it last time!

Hey, hey, whoa.


God DAMN it

No Curly, inferior equipment, let's get this over with.


...The Doctor has acquired the red flowers.
...The island's Mimigas have all fallen into his hands.
So the tragedy has become inevitable...
I should have allowed at least Sue to escape when I had the chance...

Please heed my last request.
If you see Sue again, I want you to take her and flee this island.
That girl is Sakamoto's daughter, and she never wanted to come here in the first place.
But we couldn't leave the child all alone, so she had no choice but to come along with us.

I beg you.
Take that girl with you and flee.

Priorities, Booster!

I'm not done getting my mid-season upgrade here.

Rather than a gentle push upwards, the Booster 2.0 allows instantaneous acceleration in all four directions at the drop of a hat, and at double speed. Same fuel restriction as the 0.8.

I am a God of the skies.

And I shall use it to go...


Time to talk to the man behind the gun!

Someone went and stole it while I was sleeping!
Drat, this is why I should've been keeping it in my pocket when I napped...

Isn't THAT my gun?!
What are YOU doing with it?!
I didn't make it for you!
Give that back!

I see you've certainly been giving my gun a workout.

You know, I've long believed that one's weapons should be crafted by oneself.
That one who fights with another's weapons and considers that force his own is witless.
That one who blames his tools for that which his own power cannot achieve is a fool.

When I see this gun before me that you have used so exhaustively, it moves this man to tears.
To think such thorough use were possible even before the gun's completion...

I apologize for my grumbling.
You can keep this gun.
After I finish it, of course.

Awww yeah.

The Level 1 Spur is identical to the Level 3 Polar Star. However, this weapon is unique in that it doesn't level up as you feed it WP!

Hold the shot button down, and it charges up. Release, and it fires.

This is a level 2 charge shot...

A level 3 charge shot...

And a level MAX charge shot.

Truly it is the ultimate weapon.

Anyway time to tear shit up.

A max charge shot from the Spur can take out a sky dragon in one shot.

I can even take this guy out before his countdown finishes!

And now, we change up the strategy a bit for the Sisters.

Instead of the center, we fight from this corner!

Sit in corner, shoot charged shots left.

And done.

We're not leaving yet! We need to find the girl!

And now, we shall climb...


There is a secret door underneath the Outer Wall!

It's a little house!

Witih little people in it!

You haven't seen my husband, have you?


Let's get going!

On the way up, we have a pit stop to make.

That little nook in the corner is a secret entrance!

Clock room.

This item is a tribute to your determination. Glory to all zealous challengers!

FUN FACT: "Nikumaru" is Japanese for "290", which is the number of seconds it took one famous player to... well, you'll see.

Completely circumventing the sandcrocs!

On to the plantation!

But on the way to the fishing trip, we have a little detour to make...


I am so glad that everything is okay n

To be continued

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