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Minus World Codex: The World of Nistona

(map pending)

Nistona is a perfectly circular world, about 100 kilometers across. Its edge is defined by the Barrier, beyond which nothing of value has ever been found. Light, air and water can pass through it normally, but it blocks anything alive from coming in or out. On the outside, a dead world overrun by monsters. On the inside, Nistona.

Despite the desolation surrounding it on all sides, Nistona is quite a pleasant place. The days are warm and sunny, the nights are cool and crisp. Even during winter, it's vanishingly rare for temperatures to drop below freezing. The majority of the half a million people living within the bubble are concentrated in the sprawling coastal city of Kastad, with the northeastern half of the world being dotted with farmland and smaller towns.

Humans are far from the only things living within the barrier. Contained within its isolated ecosystem are buffalo, gazelle, ostritches, and a whole lot of snakes. In the east, there's even the occasional leopard. Farmers raise various poultry, pigs, cows, sheep and goats for meat, and grow potatoes, tomatoes, a variety of grains, and citrus and tropical fruits. Despite having a good chunk of ocean within the barrier, fish - particularly edible ones - are scarce. Fishing is no longer a common practice.

The Nistonan calendar marks 599 years since the destruction of the old world. The cause of this calamity, like the origin of the Pearl that protects Nistona, is unknown.

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