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Minus World Codex: The Pearl

When the old world was destroyed, Nistona alone was saved by the protection of the Pearl. Where it came from, how it works, and why it's here, nobody knows. All that's certain is that, without it, humanity would have been wiped out centuries ago.

The Pearl is a sphere, about three feet across, glimmering with a rainbow of shifting colors. It's fixed at the exact center of the barrier, on the outskirts of Kastad, floating about ten feet above ground level. As far as has ever been observed, no human technology or power can damage the Pearl, or even move it. It has no apparent external energy source, but radiates light softly at all times. The energy coming off of it reads identically to the energy faintly radiating off of the barrier surrounding Nistona.

In addition to its mysterious connection to the barrier, the most obvious function of the Pearl is in awakening Guardians. The first time a person physically touches the Pearl, there's a chance that they will awaken, suddenly and flashily being bestowed with incredible powers that operate outside the laws of physics. The exact rules for what makes a person eligible or not eligible aren't known, but odds of awakening successfully seem to peak around age 13-14 and fall to near zero after 18, and the successes are overwhelmingly female.

A temple has been built up around the Pearl, both for its protection and to make it easier to reach it, in a context where the government can keep an eye on who awakens and who doesn't. Girls who want to try to awaken most often pay the temple a visit around 15-16, to balance having to start too young with the dwindling odds of success as you age. Those who do awaken are contacted shortly thereafter to become Guardians.

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