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Minus World Codex: Guardians

Sometimes called Magical Girls, Guardians are those who have been awakened by the Pearl to their true powers. In day to day life, they're just like normal humans, but they also have the ability to transform into a magically-enhanced temporary form. The body gradually generates small amounts of magical energy over time, which is stored up and released while transformed, allowing for about an hour of combat time before it starts to wane. Transforming is a flashy affair, and generally results in dramatic alterations to the Guardian's hair and clothing.

A few powers are universal to all Guardians. They're much sturdier than humans, being able to take levels of punishment that would kill a normal person twice over and still continue fighting. They can sense open intrusion points between the real world and the Minus World (more on that later). They can cross the boundaries between worlds - this even means they're capable of crossing the barrier, but those few who have ever returned from such a trek have reported nothing but desolation and hostile monsters as far as they could see. Beyond that, things vary - some Guardians get enhanced physical strength to fight hand-to-hand against monsters, others gain control over various kinds of destructive energy, others get even more esoteric abilities. Each Guardian's abilities are unique.

A Guardian's powers are magical in nature, and her heart is the source of her strength. Their strength is amplified by all kinds of strong emotions, and also become more powerful with repeated use over many battles. However, after about five years as a Guardian, power begins to wane. After ten years, few Guardians have any powers to speak of, and are barely even capable of transforming. Thus, it falls to Nistona's youth to protect it.

A last power granted to the Guardians is the ability to call out to the Pearl for a blessing. When all other hope has faded, this trump card can allow a Guardian to gain an incredible surge of power, becoming many times more powerful than they were before - but just for one battle. Once they revert to human form, though, a price will be paid. Some part of their body or mind will be taken as payment for the Pearl's blessing, and will cease to function. Each time a blessing is called for, the price is steeper. No Guardian has ever survived a third blessing.

There are currently 80 registered Guardians.

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