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Minus World Codex: The Minus World

Of the many unsolved mysteries of Nistona, the greatest is its enemies. There are monsters in the wider world, and they seem to be focused entirely on the erradication of mankind. Nobody knows where they came from. Nobody knows why they're here. Nobody even really knows what they are. All that's certain is that peaceful coexistence with them is impossible.

The barrier keeps monsters from directly invading and destroying Nistona, but there's a way around it. Adjacent to our reality is another, less stable reality, called the Minus World. It greatly resembles our world - if a building is erected in Kastad, it will eventually come to exist in the Minus World at the same spot. However, nobody would ever mistake one world for the other. The Minus World's sky is pitch black, and none of the living things of our world exist there. More seriously, though, the Minus World doesn't work right.

Physics in the Minus World is, at best, tenuously enforced. Object geometry is slippery, sometimes letting things pass through each other. Sometimes objects merge into each other in strange ways. Sometimes walls only exist from one direction. Sometimes gravity stops working for a while. There are no laws that can be trusted in the Minus World as absolutes - every time you visit, odds are you'll find some new bizarre glitch that wasn't there before.

This is, of course, exactly what monsters use this world for. Because the laws of the world are sometimes breakable there, it's possible for monsters to occasionally pass through the barrier. From there, they just need to find an Ingress - a point of weakness in the boundary between our world and theirs. Then, the monster will emerge into the real world, inside Nistona, where it can wreak havoc.

Naturally-occurring Ingresses are rare, and appear and disappear at random - in our world, they appear like cracks in reality, big enough for a person to slip through but seldom much bigger. Using these, humans can sometimes wander into and out of the Minus World, but being there without the powers of a Guardian is extremely ill-advised. Prolonged exposure to the Minus World wears on the mind, especially the unprotected mind. These natural Ingresses are no threat, because it requires much more energy to move monsters across the boundary than it does for humans. When monsters wish to enter the human world, they'll search for a natural Ingress, and then begin channeling energy into it to 'widen' it until they can use it as a bridge to our world. This process results in disturbances in our world, causing parts of it near the Ingress to behave more like the Minus World. Strange glitches in reality are usually an indication of a monster attack in progress.

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