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Minus World Codex: Important People

Nazar Orlov
Prime Minsiter of Nistona - considering the size of the world he resides over, he functions as much like a mayor as like a country leader. He's been in power for 3 years, and has been generally doing a passable job. He's given more funding to the Guardian Association than his predecessor did, so things are looking better than they used to for the GA.

Faraji Jakande
President of the Guardian Association. She's been retired as a Guardian for thirty years, but during her prime, she was known as Aurora Neon, leader of the now-legendary Team Aurora. President Jakande is fiercely protective of the Guardians and their well-being, but she also knows what kind of risks and sacrifices they must make to keep Nistona safe, having fought in the Minus World for a record-breaking seventeen years herself. Today, she barely has enough power to transform more than a couple times a year, and has little reason to, but despite her weakened powers, she has enough skill and experience to keep up with most accomplished Guardians in their prime.

Alexander Hightower
Headmaster of Pearl Academy. He's been running the academy for going on 45 years, and in his old age his competency has occasionally been called into question, but when a school with dozens of super-powered teenagers in it still hasn't burned down after four decades of his leadership, he must be doing something right.

Scarlet Blaze
Leader of Team Scarlet, a recently-formed Guardian team that eschews the usual color coordination traditions and is composed entirely of reds. Last month, there was an incident where a Commander class monster incapacitated her teammates before breaking into Nistona, and she was able to follow it and take it down solo, and she's been riding the wave of fame and popularity ever since. Her talent, personality, and ego are all equally immense. She registered anonymously, and her civilian identity is unknown.

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