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Gatcha Hell: The RP: Interest Check Hell

Once upon a time, several characters from different interdimensional cheap mobile cash-in games managed to break free from the games that created them. Burning with ire from being used and forgotten by apathetic players and cynical designers, they swore an oath to exact vengeance on the universe, in the only way they knew how: By creating the ultimate gatcha game. In this game, whenever they did a pull for rare characters, people from across time and space would be drawn into their world as rare items, forced to play a gatcha game of their own devising for all eternity. The only way to escape is to have enough lucky to draw the ultimate rare item, the Escape Key - but nobody has ever seen any sign of it in their pulls...

Welcome... to Gatcha Hell. A dark comedy panfandom memory loss RP with parodic and faux-gambling mechanics based on mobile gatcha video games.

Game Mechanics
The centerpiece of GH's jamjar is a giant Gatcha Machine, which characters can use to try and regain their lost powers, possessions, and memories. When you apply to the game, you come up with a list of 5-30 Regains, split as you choose between three categories of Item, Ability, and Memory. Once your character is accepted, those regains are assigned rarity ratings from ★★ to ★★★★★ (★ is for special junk regains only) and added into the game-wide Regain Library. From there, any character can find them with a bit of luck and a wealth of Orbs.

Each month, all active characters gain four Orbs for free. With large amounts of activity, this can be increased to as many as eight Orbs. In addition, IC participation in various monthly events can add up to four additional Orbs for the cycle. The main purpose of these Orbs is the Gatcha Machine - you can spend ten Orbs at any time to do a Pull, drawing three random regains from the library. Your own regains are slightly more likely to come out, and regains with higher rarity are much less likely to come out. Items regained are yours, abilities regained you can now use as if they were your own, and memories regained are added to your mind, even if they aren't yours. Yes, duplicates are possible.

Once you find the person whose regains you rolled, you have a choice to make. You could keep them as your own. You could give them back to their original owner. You could go to the Orb Market and sell them to the highest bidder for more precious Orbs. Or, once you have three regains of the same type and rarity, you can fuse them into one random regain of the next higher rarity class. The ★ tier is reserved for three special common items - Ability Fragment, Item Fragment, and Memory Fragment - which don't do much for you on their own, but can be fused into ★★ items or cashed in for an Orb each.

If you aren't feeling the urge to do more pulls at the moment, there are more uses for Orbs. You can spend them to secure properties for yourself in the central hub, allowing you to reshape the face of the city or run your own businesses. Or if you're feeling nice and charitable, you can donate to the endlessly-in-progress Orbstarter Campaign - once it reaches various Stretch Goals, new features and areas are added to the RP setting for all to use.

Fine Print
  • If you gain an ability that requires another ability to use (for example, getting Super Saiyan 3 when you still don't have Super Saiyan), the ability will be modified so that you can use it by itself. More complex cases would be handled on a case-by-case basis.
  • Each Test Drive Meme would come with an automated limited Pull Simulator for people who want to experiment with drawing regains for their toplevels.
  • Events would take the form of either the NPCs trying to see how much characters are willing to humiliate themselves for free Orbs, or new worlds to visit being introduced as parodies of various video games or gatcha games.
  • Some regains might be split into different versions with different levels of power and rarity, such as Super Strength (★★) vs a much stronger Super Strength (★★★★★).
  • If you roll someone else's outfit, it resizes to fit you, until you transfer owner ship of it to someone else through the Orb Market.
  • We're still trying to decide whether or not regains are marked with the name of their proper owner.
  • If an ability is difficult to use properly, you don't get that training for free - find the owner and ask them to help you use their powers, or figure it out on your own.
  • OCs are OK.
  • It obviously won't actually happen, but I'm going to spend the entire duration of the RP joking about setting up a system where players can send me $19.99 for a free batch of 100 Orbs.
  • There is not currently a determined release date for this RP.

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