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Touhou Valor - Shuusei Hanawa's Notes

Gensokyo has been called a paradise for humans and youkai. However, those who are preyed upon by youkai might disagree with that description, so a certain amount of caution is advised even in day-to-day life. Humans are weaker than youkai, so a certain amount of fear is not only reasonable, but encouraged.

Here I have gathered my notes on various prominent youkai or youkai who have caused trouble in the human village recently, and my advice regarding what to do should you encounter them. I have also included a number of notable humans in the name of completeness.

Species: Fairy
Ability: Manipulation of flowers
Threat level: Low
Human friendship level: Normal
Main place of activity: Forest of Spirits

Just a fairy who's become slightly more powerful than other fairies. She gained a certain degree of power in a minor incident in the past. Her fascination with flowers borders on the abnormal; the most common sign of her work is flowers growing in large numbers where they shouldn't.

Immeasurable Flower Viewing Incident
This fairy caused a minor incident in which a large number of flowers grew all over the human village. This didn't imperil anyone, and was instead only slightly irritating, but she was defeated soundly regardless. I suppose that's for the best, since even fairies can get dangerous if they think humans will let them get away with anything.

Advised Action
If you sense someone watching you while you're alone in an area with large numbers of flowers, this fairy might be stalking you. If you aren't capable of defending yourself, don't worry; simply avoid harming the flowers more than necessary, and you won't have any trouble. Stepping on one or two is fine, but absolutely don't take any with you. By youkai standards, she's harmless, but she can do things such as throwing giant flowers at you, or making flowers grow to ensnare your feet, so for an ordinary human there's some degree of danger. Still, she won't kill you, so the worst you can expect is winding up bruised and humiliated.

She seems to fear fire, but use it on flowers and she might only get more angry, so be careful with that method. If you are confident in your abilities, any sort of attack will do.

Species: Zashiki Warashi
Ability: Hypnosis
Threat level: Low
Human friendship level: High(?)
Main place of activity: Abandoned buildings

Ordinary zashiki warashi are relatively harmless, only being interested in bringing good fortune to a household. Some people even celebrate their appearance, and treat them with reverence and gratitude. However, this zashiki warashi should not be celebrated under any circumstances. Her interest in finding playmates sounds relatively harmless, but stealing children is still a crime. Do not encourage her.

Reluctant Neverending Slumber Incident
This youkai was involved in an incident in which several children vanished from the human village. She led them to an abandoned home, and refused to let any of them leave her party until she was defeated by a local magician.

Advised Action
If you encounter a zashiki warashi, especially if you have children (or are yourself a child), make sure that it's not this one before welcoming it into your home. If it is, grab a broom or other such incident and chase her away at once. Her combat power is quite weak, so even a human shouldn't have too much trouble driving her off. She doesn't seem to be particularly interested in fighting, so she's more likely to run away than attack.

Species: Mōryō
Ability: Usage of daemon tomes
Threat level: Normal
Human friendship level: Low
Main place of activity: Anywhere
Main time of activity: Dusk

This youkai may resemble an oni, but she isn't, so do not be alarmed. Or rather, do be alarmed, because despite not being an oni, her strength is abnormal, and she is definitely a traditional youkai, extremely hostile to humans. She uses books as a focus for her youkai abilities, but don't let that trick you into thinking that she isn't foolish.

Seal of the Perfect Night Incident
Using one particularly powerful book, this youkai once briefly sealed the moon away from Gensokyo. Any intelligent youkai would be aware of the massive hostility this would draw from the other youkai, but she is not an intelligent youkai, so she went ahead with it regardless. Fortunately, she was defeated before this could cause a major youkai conflict.

Advised Action
Fighting this youkai directly is a dangerous proposition, so avoid that if you can. If you see her before she sees you, retreat quietly to avoid a confrontation. If that isn't possible, try to confuse her by any means necessary. If you can convince her that a more interesting opponent is waiting for her elsewhere, she'll leave at once. If you trick her into considering any slightly complicated problem, then you can escape at your leisure. In the worst case, if you have a rare book, you can throw it to distract her while you run away.

Misato Sekimizu
Species: Satori
Ability: Seeing into the future
Threat level: Extremely High
Human friendship level: Normal
Main place of activity: Anywhere

One of the Great Sages of Gensokyo, a satori with an abnormal third eye that sees into the future. Apparently she foresaw the downfall of youkai and prevented it by arranging the creation of Gensokyo. Nowadays, she just comes to the human village to send people on incomprehensible errands, then refuse to explain her reasoning.

Actually, if the downfall of youkai she foresaw didn't end up happening, then doesn't that mean her foresight isn't perfect after all...?

Advised Action
Do not attempt to antagonize this youkai. Her powers are extreme, and her physical strength is as one might expect of a great youkai, so any ordinary human would certainly lose a fight with her in an instant. Even if your power and skill are reasonably advanced, the fact that she can see into the future probably means that she can react to your moves before you make them, meaning no trick can possibly catch her by surprise, no matter how clever. It's a completely unfair cheating technique, almost severe enough to be considered a violation of the spirit of the Spell Card Rules.

If you encounter this youkai, simply act respectful and polite, and do any favors she asks of you without asking for more information (she won't provide any). Generally speaking, she doesn't ask anyone to do anything outside of their abilities, and the end result is usually something beneficial to Gensokyo. If she's plotting something sinister, agree with her anyway, because then you should have a chance to escape after she leaves. Then again, maybe not, since she'll see your rebellion in advance.

Abe no Izumi
Species: Kitsune
Ability: Unknown
Threat level: Unknown
Human friendship level: Unknown
Main place of activity: Unknown

One of the Great Sages of Gensokyo. She occasionally comes to the human village, and some claim to have spoken to her or seen her, but none of them can relate what they spoke about or what she looked like. Nothing is known for certain about her beyond her name and the fact that she exists and shows herself at the human village without fear on occasion.

Advised Action
None. What advice can I possibly give with zero information? You're on your own with this one.

Tamayori Satomi
Occupation: Shrine Maiden
Ability: Separating things
Residence: Agatsuma Shrine

The current shrine maiden of the Agatsuma shrine. In accordance with that role, protecting the human village by exterminating troublesome youkai falls under her duties. Unfortunately, she is not at all up to this task. She is young, her powers are weak, and she has no particular talent when it comes to spell card battles. This combined with her overwhelming kindness means that even if she possessed the ability to defeat youkai, she would never attack. All together, this means that even fairies are more than a match for her in battle.

You will not find a more friendly and accomodating host in all of Gensokyo, but if you need an incident resolved, look elsewhere.

Satomi's ability appears to involve the creation of space between two points, effectively pushing them further apart. In theory, this could be a very dangerous and flexible ability, but her skill with it is extremely low.

Hon'oka Kumotta
Occupation: Magician
Ability: Drawing out of dormant power in books
Residence: Human Village

An unusual human who practices magic using books. Perhaps a side effect of excess reading. Reads so much that she changed her name to suit it for some reason. Exterminates youkai, especially if bribed with rare books.

She has resolved several incidents in the past, with my guidance.

Reluctant Neverending Slumber Incident
A zashiki warai kidnapped a large number of children from the human village, and was soundly punished.

Seal of the Perfect Night Incident
A strong but very stupid youkai tried to become strong by sealing the moon and creating a permanent dusk. It failed, and she was soundly punished.

Immeasurable Flower Viewing Incident
A fairy misbehaved. Fairly unremarkable.

Shuusei Hanawa
Occupation: Shopkeeper
Ability: Understanding the contents of books by touching them
Residence: Ugekkan

Your humble author. If these notes have been of any help to you, please show your gratitude by visiting my book shop and making a purchase. Thank you.

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