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Let's Play Cave Story

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Chapter 2: Either a Toaster or a Lunchbox

When we last left our intrepid hero, some kind of thing had burst into his shack!

[ BGM - Balrog's Theme ]

You can't hide, no no!
I've got the nose of a bloodhound!

The nose, and I dare say the brain as well.

I found her first!

You--you guys're with the Doctor, aren't you!


So you're Sue, eh?
The Doctor has called for you.
Come along, now.

Uh... what?
I'm not Sue.

I leave the rest to you.

No, wait, you've got the wrong--!

I always have to clean up!
And here I found her FIRST!

So what's your deal?
You gonna fight me with that thing?

[>Yes No]

I knew it!

[ BGM - Gravity ]


As the first boss, Balrog doesn't have much to his pattern.

Charge, charge, charge-and-jump. Repeat. If he catches you, he'll throw you against the walls.

Keep as healthy a distance as you can with your little pea shooter, jump over him when he's charging, and wear him down 1 damage at a time.

And before long, he is defeated!

Only took a few seconds, really.

Balrog absconds!

Bountiful rewards!

And now we know what the gold triangles do.

They level up weapons!

At level 2, the Polar Star has about twice the range, and does two damage per hit. Much more serviceable as a weapon.

Anyway, with that out of the way, time to explore the village more!

Central shaft of the village!

Toroko's been kidnapped?
Well, that's no good.
Now the only girl left in the village is Sue...

You, sir, are lame! ONWARDS AND UPWARDS

This seems to be the middle! But it tells me nothing about the door right next to me.


Two vital things in this room!

On the right is a health station! These are all over the game, and always useful.

And on the left, a save point! Also totally indispensable.

Enough of that, let's explore!

The Assembly Hall, though, is locked.

Further to the right!

I've got to tell King right away!

Assembly Hall open! Let's go see what they're talking about.

Simple room! Just two dudes and a fireplace.

I am making a note of the fireplace.

Toroko's elder brother, Arthur, was a fabulous warrior.
But he was killed by one of the Doctor's goons.
And now, I... I couldn't protect her...

The other is hidden in the Mimiga graveyard.

Aha! A way to get into that damn house.

The Mimiga Graveyard is the door that King's flunky was standing in front of. Now I can get in!

[ BGM - Cemetery ]

The Mimiga Graveyard!

The little guys on the ground are called Pignons, and sort of waddle back and forth, doing 1 damage if you happen to touch them. I tend to leave them alive, since they don't seem too hostile.

That guy on the left, though, is much more dangerous. He's invincible from the front, and his knife can kill me in a single blow. For now, best to just live and let live.

Also, this screencap introduces a new mechanic: When I take damage, my currently equipped weapon loses power! One hit knocked me back down to the Lv1 Polar Star again.

Even the Giant Pignon isn't worth hurting - you don't get any health or weapon power (I'm gonna go ahead and start calling that HP and WP) for killing it, and it's easy enough to avoid.

We're almost to our goal!

Ended up getting knocked down by a Pignon at the last second, and had to go all the way around again. Not to self: stop by a health station on the way out.

Here sleeps the noble Arthur,
true hero to the Mimigas.


Time to head back down to the bottom for some breaking and entering.

I don't even know what's in here!

[ BGM - Safety ]

Various things! At the top, a heal/save checkpoint. On the left, a computer terminal and some kind of device.

At the bottom...


Let's try the computer.

If you read the previous chapter carefully, this is a clue!

[>Yes No]

Permission granted to access Egg Corridor.

The device is a teleporter!


[ BGM - Mischevious Robot ]

Welcome to the game's first big "dungeon" area!

Right off the bat, there is a robot above us.

That white thing on the bottom?
One touch and POW, it's over.

Our mechanical friend is correct - it does 100 damage on a hit. That's more health than I can ever have!

But we will risk its domain regardless! BECAUSE LOOK AT WHAT IT'S GUARDING.


Max HP up to 9!

No way we can survive continuing down here, so it's back the way we came for a sane advance.

The elephants flip out when they get shot too many times!

Fortunately, it can't escape its little enclosure there, so I can take it down safely.

Level 2 Polar Star returned!

You may, incidentally, notice a numbering scheme on the eggs. It can be used to track our progress through the corridor.

New enemy! These bug things just float around in the air, making them easy to deal with if you're safely on the ground.

Level 3!

Let's check this sucker out.

At level 3, the Polar Star does a whopping four damage pet shot - enough to take out a critter or bug in one hit and an elephant in two. Powerful!

Something's going on over there!


Yeah? What's that?
You wanna bring it?!

Go ahead and try!
Even my brother's never beaten me!

I'm sorry!
I'm sorry!!

Who're you?


To be continued!

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I am not sure who these people are or why they are important or why we should care but they are so cute.

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Fortunately, our unnamed hero also doesn't know! So you're in this together.