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Let's Play Cave Story

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Chapter 8: Rock Bottom

Previously, Toroko and King both died and the Doctor got the Red Flowers and I was hurled into the labyrinth!


Nice place!

Let's chat with the locals.

But the footing's tricky up there.
I fell over and over again until I broke my legs.

This is the island's trash heap.
Once you get in, you never get out...


I think we know what we have to do.

This area introduces a new species of Critter that hover when you come close, then shoot pellets at you that do 5 damage a piece. Dangerous!

King's blade functions as a throwing weapon - short range, only one at a time, but 15 damage per hit at level 1!


Max HP: 41!
Current HP: 17!

You might have noticed the lack of healing in here.

The last bit of this climb involves jumping between big blocks that slide left and right as you approach!



Now I can leave the Labyrinth, right?


If it were that easy, you couldn't really call it a Labyrinth, now, could you?

The giant roach enemies (Gaudis) are pretty harmless - they wander back and forth and can be taken out with one hit from the Blade.

Level 2 Blade!

Which we will see next time there are enemies.


Out into the main area of the Labyrinth!

[ BGM - Jenka 2 ]

At level 2, the Blade can cut through multiple enemies in one shot!

We have a second kind of Gaudi, that fires purple shots and flies!

We also have a building.

It's a shop?

The Gaudis in here, oddly, are not hostile.

But, sad to say, we got burgled a while back, and there's nothing to sell right now.
Sorry 'bout that...

Here, how about this?

You can have it for free.
I don't see any money on you, anyway.

The Turbocharge doubles the recharge rate of my machine gun ammo!

Also, that teleporter up there? Can't reach it from down here.

Too many damn Gaudis out here!

On the plus side, by the end of this cluster of enemies, I have the Level 3 Blade.

At Level 3, the Blade unleashes the spirit of King himself, who slashes all over the area when he hits!

The downside is, the Blade can't store any WP at level 3, so a single hit drops it back down to level 2...

Just to the right, I find a door.

And look who's here!

Haven't seen YOU in a while.
You're looking good!
That witch tossed you down here too, eh?
Same as me!

So you weren't able to beat them after all...
I'd actually had my hopes for you, but...

And me, I tried.
Oh, I tried.
And just look where it got me.
And all for nothing.
In the end, I couldn't save any of those children.
The shape I'm in now, I won't be leaving anytime soon...

No, no, no charge, don't worry.
In return, though, there's something I'd like to ask of you.

There's an old clinic near here.
Go and see if there isn't an medicine left in there.

Time to go on a fetch quest!

With the machine gun fully leveled and turbocharged, I have my flight wings back!

Also it's a hell of a gun.

And I will use it to get up here...

...and into a secret passage!

New item acquired!

From now on, I only lose half as much WP when I take damage. Useful!

Anyway, the clinic is up here.

That was eas--


It is never explained what, if anything, Pooh Black has to do with Balrog. Just that he's a ghost.

As you damage him, orbs pop into the air around him...

Then he jumps into the air...

And when he comes back, the orbs all rain down!

The more he has, the more dangerous this attack is.

The solution?

The Blade!

At level 3, the area slashing of the Blade not only damages Pooh, but also takes out the orbs as they appear. Handy!

Once you know that trick, it's just a matter of wearing down his health...

Of course, get hit once and the strategy's bust. Plan B!


Eat high-explosive exorcism!


Oh, you found it!
Many thanks.
Just let me handle the rest.

I don't know who made it, but it's apparently the trash heap of the island.
There's only one way out.
You have to get past the giant rock in the Boulder Chamber.

I'd go with you, but with the state I'm in, I'd just get in your way...

Anyway, now that he has the Cure-All, I'll leave Mr. Physician with the job of healing Curly while I go on ahead.

Dead end!

And a rock coming to crush me!


Once I'm over it, I can just ride it to the top. Onwards!

Some kind of huge machine!

Looks inactive, though, so it's little more than a glorified platform.

So anyway, I'll just move past that, and...

...uh oh.


Also known as the Newbie Crusher, this is the beginning of the game's real kick-up in difficulty. It chases relentlessly after you, and you take 10 damage if it runs you over.

The only safe spot is...

On the treads themselves!

There, you just have to switch sides as it approaches the edges of the battlefield...

It's opening up! Those for green clusters are my targets!

They are also, as one might expect, guns.

I can't damage the main body until all four turrets are destroyed, so time to fill them with missiles!

After a few seconds of intense firefight, it closes again, and it's back to riding the treads to avoid getting crushed.

Out of missiles with two turrets left! Gotta take out the last two with the machine gun...

Got 'em!

Now on to phase 2 of the battle.

While I blade the crap out of the now-vulnerable central body, it fires fish-shaped homing missiles from the guns around the treads!

Then, it's just a matter of taking out the missiles while Monster X bears down on me with its crushing wheels!

In case I get hit, I try to use a different weapon for fighting the homing missiles, so that I won't lose my level 3 blade.

Almost there...!

And another boss defeated!

Now we can get the hell out of here.

I hear a teleporter noise!

To be continued

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Nameless protagonist? But you said his name up top.

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Stop hallucinating, Ethan!

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Oh, you are correct! Clearly you did no such thing.

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So I appreciate this Let's Play and stuff! It's nice following the plot and watching the cool stuff that happens without having to deal with the platformy element!

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LET'S PLAY: Playing games so that you don't have to