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Let's Play Cave Story

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Chapter 17: Running Hell

In the previous chapter, Quote had dropped into a terrible abyss!

And so the timer begins!
I shall not be speedrunning this segment.

This again!

Looks like we'll be maining the Spur.

[ BGM - Running Hell ]


The hardest jump in the entire game.


Did you know that the witch-woman Jenka once had a brother?
His name was Ballos.
Like his sister, he wielded powers far beyond those of mortals...

Made it!

And the bounty beyond landed me a nice Level 2 Super Missile.


Max HP: 55!

I have surpassed the limit.

He used his magical powers to help and guide people,
and the people loved and trusted him in return.
Even more than they did their own king...


Good thing we have that Tow Rope!

Second floor!

Rocks endlessly fall from the sky, and fallen angels swarm around me.

The jealous king had Ballos apprehended and thrown into prison,
where his punishment was brutal and cruel.
Humans can be terrible creatured indeed...

With the way the cherubs fly, a good strategy is to hug the ground and fire charged shots upwards, letting them run into it like a wall.

Under the extreme cruelty of the torture, Ballos's magical abilites finally ran wild.
The king was engulfed in the swirl of magic and destroyed in an instant.
In a single night, the kingdom that Ballos so loved was reduced to ashen ruins.


We can use this to recuperate a bit from the rocks falling on me back there.

The sword-wielding cherubs can only be damaged while they are moving. Also, swarms of flying cherubs sometimes attack from behind.

Oh, and Curly's awake.

She's strapped to my back with her permanent Level 1 Nemesis.

Bow-wielding cherubs!

They have terribly good aim.

Giant cherubs that throw blocks!


They count down after being shot, then ultimately explode, taking out the wall.

Sometimes this means defending my ground against cherubs while they count down.

Jenka, seeing her brother's madness, confined him to this floating island.
That was the most she could do.
Even as he was, she could not bring herself to kill her own brother...

Hordes of archers!

Hardcore speedrunners will take a hit on purpose here for the temporary hitstun invincibility, then slip through the lethal spikes at the bottom to save time.

Hardcore speedrunners would also be DONE by now.

Curly does an excellent job of watching my back!

It was Jenka's daughter who made the Demon Crown.
Subsequently, she was cursed, being forced to do the bidding of all who wear it.
If the crown is destroyed, the curse is lifted.



Aside from the spawning enemies and rollers, all that this thing does is shoot straight down.

In between shots, we sneak in to shoot the crap out of it!

As the armor over it is blown away, it reveals its true form:



It blew the floor out when it fell!

Even if the Crown is destroyed,
it will only rise again every time, so long as Ballos yet lives.
Such is the strength of his soul that permeates the Crown.

Remember this place? It's attached to the plantation!

You can't go back, but we CAN go to the statue room.

The four bearers of the Demon Crown, and their names.

I don't like it.


Yes, much better.


That is the only way Misery can be freed...
...The only way to avoid a repetition of this tragedy.
My master's name is Ballos.
His magic powers have gone wild, and now he cannot even die...


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This is such a nifty side quest. :O

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This is no sidequest, it's the true endboss.

Now what

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Now what exactly curly doing here? How she come to this hell?
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