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Naruto Valor setting info

The Land of Valor
One of the greatest nations in the world, many times larger than any of its neighbors. Under the leadership of the previous Daimyo, several nations were united into the single banner of the Land of Valor, and as a result, there are six hidden ninja villages there instead of the usual one: Lotus, Shell, Ash, Salt, Sun, and Lightning.

Uesugi Shingen
The current Daimyo of the Land of Valor. Inheriting the title from his late father, Uesugi is a cautious leader and unparalelled master of Kenjutsu. Having inherited six disparate ninja villages, he's reluctant to trust them as allies, but employs ninjas as assets out of necessity.

Hidden Lotus Village
The home village of our protagonists. Lotus is, at present, the most prosperous of the six villages of the Land of Valor, but also the one that Daimyo Shingen is the most suspicious of. Many people in the village begin training at an early age, usually being accepted as Genin somewhere around ages 12 to 15. The leader of Hidden Lotus Village is the Hasukage, Azai Mitsuhide.

The Four Dragons
A moniker given to the four strongest ninja in Hidden Lotus Village. The list changes over time, but when a major crisis befalls the village, the Dragons are expected to gather and put a stop to it with their overwhelming power. The current era's Four Dragons are Azai Mitsuhide, Imoni Keiji, Okayu Magoroku, and Kaitaba.

Azai Mitsuhide
The Ninth Hasukage of Lotus Village, and one of the Four Dragons. In his prime, Azai was one of the greatest ninjas in history, but he's very old now, and has gone more than a bit senile. Despite his incredible skill with Genjutsu, there's a lot of debate as to whether or not he still deserves his spot among the Four Dragons.

Imoni Keiji
The Hasukage's chief bodyguard, and one of the Four Dragons. Imoni is broadly accepted as the strongest Taijutsu specialist in Hidden Lotus Village, and possibly in all of the Land of Valor. She's usually drunk, but this has never once stopped her from doing her job.

Okayu Magoroku
Head of the esteemed Magoroku Clan, and one of the Four Dragons. The clan has produced countless powerful ninja in the past, but there exists a certain degree of tension between them and the rest of the village, who they've been known to look down on. Okayu became one of the Four Dragons after her husband died, and is broadly accepted as having surpassed him in the realm of Ninjutsu.

The Ninja Reaper of Lotus Village, and one of the Four Dragons. In the past, Kaitaba was the most ruthless and cruel Anbu black ops agent, performing countless assassinations and reveling in the bloody chaos of battle. It's unknown what he does with himself now, or why such a terrifying monster is counted as an ally by the Hasukage.

Taki Murai
Former head of the formerly-esteemed Murai Clan. Taki stood as one of the Four Dragons, but brought dishonor upon both himself and his clan ten years ago when he betrayed the village, and killed Rakkyo Magoroku. The reason for his betrayal is not widely known, but for his crimes, he was executed, and replaced with Kaitaba. The Murai Clan has since fallen into shame and contempt, leaving his daughter Hohko to put the pieces back together.

Rakkyo Magoroku
Husband to Okayu Magoroku, and former head of the Magoroku Clan. After he was killed by Taki, his wife took his place among the Four Dragons.