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Touhou Valor - Setting

While Gensokyo has existed for over a thousand years, it was only cut off from the rest of Earth a couple centuries prior. This event was the work of the Great Youkai Sages, who foresaw the extinction of youkai at the hands of an increasingly skeptical humanity. Gensokyo was sealed away from the outside world in order to create a paradise wherein youkai could exist without fear of vanishing into obscurity.

The Human Village
With only one major settlement for humans in Gensokyo, there's no need for it to have any other name. Nearly all of the human population lives in one large, peaceful village right at Gensokyo's center. Although they are surrounded on all sides by powerful youkai, there is seldom more than minor trouble in the village itself, for the humans are an important part of Gensokyo's balance. If anyone tried to destroy the village, they would swiftly be punished by the other youkai.

Agatsuma Shrine
Resting comfortably on the edge of the human village is Gensokyo's largest shinto shrine. Historically a symbol of the gods granting protection to humanity, it's unclear what purpose it serves in the modern day. If any gods reside within it, they don't make themselves known to the public, and these days, protecting humanity from youkai largely falls in other hands.

The current maintainer of the shrine is the shrine maiden Tamayori Satomi. Ostensibly, youkai extermination falls under her duties, but she's young and inexperienced, her powers are still weak, and she doesn't seem to have the emotional disposition for violence. So, she relies on others to resolve incidents.

The human village's chief source of books. Ugekkan is a bookstore owned and operated by a young man named Shuusei Hanawa. Shuusei is blind, but manages Ugekkan's collection with help of some strange supernatural ability he possesses. He's at least civil to everyone who comes into his store as long as they don't cause trouble, he firmly considers youkai to be enemies of humanity (even if he's too smart to say that to their faces).

Ugekkan stocks a wide variety of books, from ancient Japanese texts to Gensokyo original manuscripts to youkai writings. Even the occasional book from the outside world sometimes ends up on its shelves. Shuusei will sometimes allow people he likes to borrow books as if he were running a library, but to strangers and youkai he demands full price.

The Great Youkai Sages
Of all the youkai in Gensokyo, three stand above all. These three were responsible for Gensokyo's creation, and watch over it to this day. However, some suspect that each has a different vision for what Gensokyo should look like.

Their identities are as follows:
  • Misato Sekimizu, Gensokyo's Prophet. A satori whose third eye sees not people's hearts, but instead looks into the world of the future. She foresaw the end of the world of youkai, and the necessity for Gensokyo to be sealed away. She's the most visible of the Sages, occasionally visiting the human village, but she never explains her reasoning for anything until it's too late. Treat with respect, but also caution.
  • Kiyo Goukou, Gensokyo's Gatekeeper. A dragon of incredible power, who created the barrier sealing Gensokyo away from the outside world. She hasn't been seen in years.
  • Abe no Izumi, Gensokyo's Overseer. Of all the Sages, she is the most enigmatic. She is a kitsune, and has even met with many humans, but none can ever recall anything other than her name and species - not even what she spoke to them about. Her motives, abilities, and appearance are all unknown.

Forest of Spirits
A dense, vibrant wood near the human village. Children are cautioned never to go here, for it is filled with dangerous creatures. To those with a bit of power, though, the concerns are largely unfounded, as those creatures are almost all fairies - sometimes dangerous to ordinary humans, but resting comfortably at the bottom of the youkai totem pole.

Valley of Four Winds
Named for the near-constant windstorms that rage all around it, this valley is home to the tengu. Of course, humans seldom have any business there, but this much is said: If you must go to the Valley of Four Winds, be prepared to fight. The tengu enjoy nothing more, after all.

The Kappa Village
On the far shore of an expansive lake a long ways from the human village, a cluster of strange buildings can be seen. The kappa overwhelmingly prefer to keep to their own territory, so nobody really knows what goes on there. Humans who wander too close are swiftly intercepted by kappa guards, and politely but firmly deposited well away from the lake.