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Let's Play Cave Story

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Chapter 14: It's a Secret to Everybody

Welcome to the second playthrough of Cave Story!

My goals in this playthrough are twofold:
-Get all non-mutually-exclusive secrets.
-Get the best ending.

Ready? GO


Time for the first totally pointless secret!

Step 1: Talk to Chaco, so that she walks over here!

Step 2: Sleep in the bed when she's standing next to it!

Now she's sleeping in the bed, and...

There as absolutely no point to this secret.



This time, on the way out, we pick up another Jellyfish Juice.

Then, once I'm back in the Mimiga Village...

To the Assembly Hall!

Which has a fireplace.


At level 1, the Bubbler is just about the weakest weapon in the game! Short-range slow-moving bubbles that do 1 damage.

But before we can explore the higher levels of it, we come across an important decision point!

[ Yes >No]

Well, if you ever change your mind, I'll be here.

Also, one last secret in here.

Notice how the map doesn't quite correspond to the room shape?


There is absolutely no point to this secret.

No machine gun!

This means no boss-killers on par with the fireball, and no controlled flight.

At level 2, the Bubbler fires more rapidly and does double damage, but is still pretty unimpressive...

And here it is at level 3!

Hold down the attack button to gather bubbles in a protective cloud...

...then release the button to launch them all as long-range energy bolts!

Seriously a cool weapon.

The jump timing is much more important here, because I can't just machine gun jump my way back up if I fall down.

This bit goes about the same. Toroko and King, sadly, cannot be saved.

This part is ostensibly harder without the machine gun, but I didn't use it last time, anyway, so hey!

Were I so inclined, I could now trade the Polar Star and the Fireball in for the Snake, a mid-range mid-power weapon with the interesting bonus of being able to shoot through walls!

Speedrunners use this weapon a lot, but I won't.

Usual events for now. Bubbler is pretty nice against Monster X!

And here's the moment of truth!

Normally I would no go down and talk to him, allowing him to impart upon me the Booster v0.8 with the last of his strength.

But maybe...

If he didn't use up that strength, he could live a little longer...

To be continued!

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