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Just so I can keep them straight. Will edit as I come up with them.

It should have been mine!
A timeless power lay dormant in a barren desert. When people actually found it, they all move in en mass as dozens of would be kings and warlords sought to tame it for their own, in an era known as the First Age of Strife. Eventually one managed it. The first and only Great King slew her own brother, and her last rival, and gained unspeakable power. Her rule lasted for centuries and was known as the Golden Age. Her rule was poisoned by her own power, unfortunately. She parceled out tiny slivers of her power to her followers as rewards for service, but what she didn't know was that the last dying gasp of her slain brother still echoed through it. That last whisper of "It should have been mine!" was nothing to her infinite willpower, but to lesser minds, it slowly poisoned them with jealousy and paranoia.

A conspiracy formed to take the King's power because, as each conspirator believed in their heart, that power should have been theirs. They labored for years to make weapons deadly enough to kill a being as powerful as their lord, and when they were ready, they poisoned the King in her own feasting hall, then stabbed her in the back. With her dying breath, the King used all her power cursed them all. Everyone in the room, the castle, and in fact in the whole capital instantly died, leaving behind a ghostly wight. An army of skeletal warriors took up arms in the new necropolis and drove the living away. Only a worthy successor to the King would be able to retake the capital and claim her power.

So began the Second Age of Strife. The King's magic that turned the desert into a paradise started failing with no one to maintain it. Some knew how to slow it, but none had the power to keep the whole land alive, so instead each city turned into a fortress and oasis. Each year the forests and fields died a little bit more, giving way to barren desert. The rich lived lives of leisure in their fortress cities while the poor eked out a living in the vast, labyrinthine sewer cities beneath them, for the outside was turning into a place where people couldn't live anymore. Mighty armies wielding powerful weapons and armors clashed as the various noble houses battled for dominance. Powerful mages rose and, inevitably, were driven mad with paranoia and jealousy by the whisper still bouncing through the well of power: "It should have been me!"

Maybe, someday, someone with the will to claim power without being driven mad will arise and unify the land once again. For now, it is a grim age of violence and suffering, but also an age of heroes and mighty deeds.

Class Warfare
The land is ruled by sorcerers. Their blood is the only blood that allows them to tap into arcane magic, allowing them to do all manner of amazing things, so naturally they are a step above the mundane masses and are the only ones fit to lead. That's how it is. That's how it has always been.

Except...a student just discovered a new kind of magic: Wizardry. Compared to Sorcery, it's unrefined, complicated, and messy. But it still is taking the world by storm because literally anyone can learn it. Revolution is coming, but the sorcerer ruling elite are not taking it sitting down.

Class Warfare follows the adventures of Samata Mahto, the first wizard, and her friends as they bring about violent but hopefully beneficial social change by teaching magic to the lower classes in a land ruled by aristocratic sorcerers and by a powerful church.

In the beginning, there was only chaos. Ever changing, infinite, and unbounded. Because chaos could become anything at any moment, once a part of chaos became order. Just for a moment, but it was long enough. Order formed the first gods, and also the first beings bounded by reason and will. The gods wove the world, a tapestry and matter and power, and a place where chaos was not.

Chaos pushed back against the order of the world. The world represented a boundary, and boundaries are the antithesis of chaos. The new gods defended their new world from chaos, but some leaked in none the less. The natural order of the world confined and bound the chaos into discrete entities which became the first demons. The demons hated the world for its mere existence and devoted themselves to destroying it, starting the first war between the gods of order and the demons of chaos.

That was not a long time ago. It's still happening now. The gods made armies of immortal servants to help them, but realized that to create an immortal, they needed to give up some of their own power. So instead, they made mortals as an experimental new type of soldier. Sure, they would fall apart in a few decades, but for expendable frontline troops that was hardly a huge concern, and anyways they also had the capacity to make more of themselves so they would be a self renewing source of soldiers to battle against the demons of chaos.

The world is now about twenty years old. The first generation of mortals were created as adults, but the SECOND generation is just now starting to reach adulthood. No one is entirely sure what it means to be alive and conscious. No one's had time to figure it out, either, what with all the demons running around, or that angels and gods barking orders.

The world is young. The age of myths is happening now. Every idea is a new idea. Every battle will be the basis of mythologies for tens of thousands of years.

Aegis Monster Hunter Academy
In the 1980s, Humanity discovered another world, even if it was still technically on Earth. A massive, labyrinthine network of caves that spread throughout the whole of the Earth's crust, but only started five miles below the surface, was the home of an entire alien ecosystem. Of course, when I say "Discovered", I mean that a flood of horrible monsters started bursting out of the ground at random places around the world and killing everything they could find. It wasn't until later that we figured out about the whole cave network thing. Conventional weapons were not terribly effective against the monsters, but fortunately, the source of our doom also provided the source of our salvation. Monsters were not all that lived down there.

Along with the monsters, came strange symbiotes. They were fairly helpless on their own, but they could fuse with any human in puberty. So, teenagers. A human playing host to one of these creatures gained strange, superhuman powers. This army of child soldiers became our best defense against the monsters of the deeps.

Skip ahead to 2018. We're still no closer to stopping the flow of monsters than we were in the 80s, but once they get to the surface, we've gotten pretty damn good at killing them. Aegis Monster Hunter Academy, founded in Chigasaki, Japan, is one of a new breed of school. The student body is entirely made of hosts to the monstrous symbiotes of the Deeps. The curriculum includes math and history and all that, but also combat training. The students there are the next generation of warriors on the front lines of the monster wars.

Aegis Monster Hunter Academy follows the adventures of Kohaku Yuhara, a new student at the school who was tricked into become student council president on her first day. Surrounded by the eccentric personalities of the student council, Kohaku has to keep up with her duties there along with her studies. And on TOP of that she has to investigate the strange signs of corruption and human experimentation that the school faculty are hiding! It's a busy life.

Gods, demons, angels, and other immortal beings all got together once, and made a demiplane devoted entirely to learning. An entire world of libraries and study halls and dormitories and classes and students and teachers. It was a quiet realm, where rivalries between good and evil, law and order, were all put on hold in the name of education and learning.

Then mortals found it and they fucked everything up.

At first, the immortals killed or banished any mortal they found in the university, but after years of conflict they eventually decided the mortals weren't interested in giving up. They wanted a slice of the pie too. What followed was a period of negotiation that went on for far longer than the actual fighting had gone on, in which eventually a compromise was reluctantly agreed upon.

Mortals were to be given access to certain parts of the University. Their access was to be severely limited, however. Each mortal would only be allowed to sections of the libraries, or to classes, that directly pertain to subjects that are already known of in the world they came from. A space faring starship captain would not be allowed to study magic. A wizard from an ivory tower would not be allowed to study computer science. The immortals also picked out the Student Council, a collection of mortals of noted responsibility and moral integrity who were granted a sliver of immortal power, but also tasked with making sure that all the mortals stayed in their lanes.

It worked, for a while, but mortals will be mortals, and eventually a thriving black market was formed of underground classes where you could learn about forbidden subjects from other, friendly, mortal teachers. They eventually even organized enough to make their own illicit course catalog.

When the Student Council found out about them, they of course immediately stepped in and started working on putting a stop to this flagrant disregard for the rules. The underground pushed back, violently. They organized, using their course catalog as a flag, or sorts, and became known as the Black Catalog. Under this "banner", they used a horrifying combination of magic and technology and other skills mashed together in ways they were never intended to to fight back against the semi divine power of the Student Council.

Spaceship Graveyard Thing (working progress name)


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