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*piano intro*

THEEEEEEEEEERE'S Super Gundam, Ez8, Hyperion, Dendrobium,
And Epyon and Kyrios and Victory and Ashtaron,
And Freedom, Sagittarius, Burnlapius and Providence,
And V-Dash and the X-Divider, Seravee, Calamity,
Odysseus, F91 and Dynames, and Destiny,
And Heavyarms and Double X and Unicorn and Kazaki,
And Strike and Zeta, Deathscythe Hell, Forbidden, Blitz and Cherudim,

And Double O and Testament and Ashura and Seraphim.

There's Burning Gundam, Arios, Wing Zero, Neo, Rapahel,
And Sandrock, Aegis, Physalis, Nu, Hexa, J and Seven Sword,
And Gaia Gundam, Lucifer and Virtue, X and Rasiel,
And Leopard, Buster, Legend, Cluster, Sillhouette, and Heaven's Sword.

*piano interlude*

There's Airmaster and Harute and Duel and S and Matador,
And Mark 2, Turn A, TR-1 and 1.5 and GT-FOUR,
And Alex and Virsago Spiegel, Reborns, Thone Eins Zwei and Drei,
Mark 3 and Duel and Minaret and Impulse, Nadleeh, Rose and Zeus,
And Skull and Chaos, Justice, Sphinx, and Grand Gundam and Strike Freedom,
And Raider, Mudrock, Savior, Zephyr, Raigo, Hydra, Hi-Nu, Scud,
And Double Sigma, Real Type, Destroy, Abyss, and 0 Gundam,

And Perfect, Gunner, Dreadnought, Cannon, Altron, D and Zabanya.

There's Psyco Mk II, G-Saviour and Waterproof, and Pharaoh Gundam,
Also Outer, Pixie, Maxter, Master, Bolt and Heavy Gundam,
Red Frame, Blue Frame, Gold Frame, Green Frame, Psyco, Arche, and Exia,
And Shenglong, Cluster, G-3, Gamma, Sphinx, and the original.

These aren't the only ones of which the news has come to Harvard,
And there still are many others, but they didn't fit the song.

Now I just need someone to record themselves singing this version.


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