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Let's Play Index

Let's Play Umineko no Naku Koro ni
Episode 1: Legend of the Golden Witch
Scene 1: The Family Conference
Scene 2: The Boat
Scene 3: The Servants
Scene 4: The Portrait
Scene 5: The Treasure
Scene 6: The Inheritance
Scene 7: The Witch
Scene 8: The Umbrella
Scene 9: The Letter
Scene 10: The Lovers
Scene 11: The Second Day
Scene 12: The Massacre
Scene 13: The Last Heir
Scene 14: The Detective
Scene 15: The 19th Person
Scene 16: The Study
Scene 17: The Chain
Scene 18: The Closed Room
Scene 19: The Unknowns
Scene 20: The Epitaph
Final Scene: The Golden Land
Tea Party
Episode 2: Turn of the Golden Witch
Scene 1: The Wish
Scene 2: The Deal
Scene 3: The Single Element
Scene 4: The Festival
Scene 5: The Pieces
Scene 6: The Candy
Scene 7: The Extra Guest
Scene 8: The Interest
Scene 9: The Devil's Proof
Scene 10: The First Twilight
Scene 11: The Banquet
Scene 12: The Stakes
Scene 13: The Red Truth
Scene 14: The Chapel Key
Scene 14.5: The Hidden Rules
Scene 15: The Master Keys
Scene 16: The Missing Servant
Scene 17: The Puzzle
Scene 18: The Spider's Web
Scene 19: The Proven Devil
Scene 20: The Wolves
Scene 21: The Human Soul
Final Scene: The Witch's Victory
Tea Party
Episode 3: Banquet of the Golden Witch
Scene 1: The Vase
Scene 2: The Dream
Scene 3: The Butler
Scene 4: The Mistress
Scene 5: The Raven
Scene 6: The Vessel
Scene 7: The Death of Beatrice
Scene 8: The Dignity of Furniture
Scene 9: The First Beatrice
Scene 10: The Two Truths
Scene 11: The Closed Circle
Scene 12: The Epitaph Revisited
Scene 13: The New Beatrice
Scene 14: The Entertainment
Scene 15: The Denial
Scene 16: The Old Furniture
Scene 17: The New Furniture
Scene 18: The Sanctity of Life
Scene 19: The Survivors
Scene 20: The Resurrection
Scene 21: The Numbers
Scene 22: The Endless
Scene 23: The Witch's Courtroom
Scene 24: The Perfect Checkmate
Final Scene: The True Witch
Tea Party
Episode 4: Alliance of the Golden Witch
Scene 1: The New Player
Scene 2: The Diary
Scene 3: The Bodyguard
Scene 4: The Blue Truth
Scene 5: The False Happiness
Scene 6: The Familiar
Scene 7: The Apprentice
Scene 8: The Lie
Scene 9: The Real World
Scene 10: The Stuffed Animal
Scene 11: The Mariage Sorciere
Scene 12: The Ushiromiya Head
Scene 13: The Ideal Corpse
Scene 14: The Bad Witch
Scene 15: The Prisoners
Scene 16: The Vaults
Scene 17: The Tests
Scene 18: The Question
Scene 19: The Monarchs
Scene 20: The Escape
Scene 21: The Legend of Goat-kun
Scene 22: The Victors
Scene 23: The Sin
Scene 24: The Impostor
Scene 25: The Magic of Happiness
Scene 26: The White Witch
Final Scene: The Sacrifice
Tea Party: The Clues
Tea Party: The Red and Blue
Tea Party: The Last Mystery

Let's Play Umineko no Naku Koro ni Chiru
Episode 5: End of the Golden Witch
Scene 1: The New Game Master
Scene 2: The Family Alchemist
Scene 3: The Illusion of the Witch
Scene 4: The Red Blade
Scene 5: The Phone Call
Scene 6: The New Detective
Scene 7: The Sea of Fragments
Scene 8: The Storm
Scene 9: The Motive
Scene 10: The Orders
Scene 11: The Sin of 19 Years Ago
Scene 12: The Detective's Authority
Scene 13: The Hijacked Game
Scene 14: The First Skirmish
Scene 15: The Assault on the Study
Scene 16: The Ten Commandments
Scene 17: The High Inquisitor
Scene 18: The Eagle's Flight
Scene 19: The Intermission
Scene 20: The Knock
Scene 21: The Next Move
Scene 22: The Closet
Scene 23: The Court of Illusions - Opening Statements
Scene 24: The Court of Illusions - Alibis
Scene 25: The Court of Illusions - Single Weak Point
Scene 26: The Court of Illusions - Verdict
Scene 27: The Court of Illusions - Checkmate
Final Scene: The Revised Truth
Tea Party
????: The Mystery Genre
????: The Apotheosis
????: The Gold Truth
Episode 6: Dawn of the Golden Witch
Scene 1: The Prison
Scene 2: The Forger
Scene 3: The Egg
Scene 4: The Revived Beatrice
Scene 5: The Two Loves
Scene 6: The Return of the Detective
Scene 7: The Birth of Beatrice
Scene 8: The Pointless Battle
Scene 9: The Gentleman
Scene 10: The Unbreakable Chain
Scene 11: The Brooch
Scene 12: The Daughter of Beatrice
Scene 13: The Demons of Love
Scene 14: The Detective's Story
Scene 15: The Trial of Lovers - George's Ordeal
Scene 16: The Hell of Regret
Scene 17: The Trial of Lovers - Jessica's Ordeal
Scene 18: The Trial of Lovers - Kanon and Shannon's Ordeals
Scene 19: The Trial of Lovers - Beatrice's Ordeal
Scene 20: The Raised Stakes
Scene 21: The Golden Sorceror's Fight
Scene 22: The Tilted Scales
Scene 23: The Great Detective's Failure
Scene 24: The Second Trial
Scene 25: The Critical Word
Scene 26: The Revisions
Scene 27: The Guest Room
Scene 28: The Impartial Judgement
Scene 29: The Logic Error
Scene 30: The Trial of Lovers - Resignation
Scene 31: The Fated Day
Scene 32: The Windows
Scene 33: The Right to Love
Scene 34: The Trial of Lovers - One Soul
Scene 35: The Return of the Witch
Scene 36: The Challenge
Final Scene: The Heart of Beatrice
Tea Party
Episode 7: Requiem of the Golden Witch
Scene 1: The SSVD
Scene 2: The Funeral
Scene 3: The Beatrice of 1967
Scene 4: The Reincarnation
Scene 5: The Beginning
Scene 6: The Secret Cargo
Scene 7: The Kidnapping
Scene 8: The Witch Expert
Scene 9: The First Encounter
Scene 10: The Other Self
Scene 11: The First Culprit
Scene 12: The Second Culprit
Scene 13: The Last Tale - A New Life
Scene 14: The Last Tale - The First Friend
Scene 15: The Last Tale - Days Enraptured
Scene 16: The Last Tale - New Days
Scene 17: The Last Tale - A New Element
Scene 18: The Last Tale - Days of Trial
Scene 19: The Last Tale - Sprout of Love, Root of Love
Scene 20: The Last Tale - Journey to the Golden Land
Scene 21: The Last Tale - The Day the Witch Revived
Final Scene: The Burial
Tea Party: The Show
Tea Party: The Stroke of Midnight
Tea Party: The End of the Illusion
Tea Party: The Killers
Tea Party: The One Truth
Tea Party: The Immutable Ending
Episode 8: Twilight of the Golden Witch (Part 1)
Scene 1: The Invitation
Scene 2: The United Family
Scene 3: The Golden Witch's Granddaughter
Scene 4: The Repaid Debt
Scene 5: The Princess
Scene 6: The Halloween Party - Part 1
Scene 7: The Halloween Party - Part 2
Scene 8: The Halloween Party - Part 3
Scene 9: The Halloween Party - Part 4
Scene 10: The Halloween Party - Finale
Scene 11: The After-Party
Scene 12: The Second Game Master
Scene 13: The Purple Statements
Scene 14: Review?
Scene 15: The New Culprit Theory
Scene 16: The Witch of Truth
Scene 17: The Book of Single Truth
Episode 8: Twilight of the Golden Witch (Part 2)
Scene 18: The Final Golden Witch
Scene 19: The Sea of Goats
Scene 20: The Writer and the Cat
Scene 21: The Journey's End
Scene 22: The Library
Scene 23: The Battle Preparations
Scene 24: The Truth of Rokkenjima
Scene 25: The Witch of the Future
Scene 26: The Negotiations
Scene 27: The Stalling Tactics
Scene 28: The Witch's Duel
Scene 29: The Battle for the Golden Land
Scene 30: The Creator
Final Scene: The Future
Ending 1: What Do You Think, Everyone?
Ending 2: Without Love, It Cannot Be Seen
Tea Party

Photobucket Era
The LPs below may be broken, due to Photobucket being terrble.

Let's Play ADOM
Chapter 1: Terinyo
Chapter 2: Village Dungeon I
Chapter 3: Village Dungeon II
Chapter 4: Village Dungeon III
Chapter 5: Puppy Cave I
Chapter 6: Puppy Cave II
Chapter 7: Laweniloethl
Chapter 8: Caverns of Chaos I
Chapter 9: Caverns of Chaos II
Chapter 10: Caverns of Chaos III
Let's Play ADOM II
Chapter 1: The Infinite Dungeon
Chapter 2: Caverns of Chaos I
Chapter 3: Dwarftown I
Chapter 4: Caverns of Chaos II
Chapter 5: Dwarftown II
Chapter 6: The Dwarven Graveyard
Chapter 7: The Pyramid
Chapter 8: Tomb of the High Kings
Chapter 9: Caverns of Chaos III
Chapter 10: Caverns of Chaos IV
Chapter 11: Caverns of Chaos V
Chapter 12: Caverns of Chaos VI
Chapter 13: Darkforge
Chapter 14: Tower of Eternal Flames
Chapter 15: Caverns of Chaos VII
Chapter 16: Caverns of Chaos VIII
Chapter 17: Caverns of Chaos IX
Chapter 18: Caverns of Chaos X
Chapter 19: The Drakalor Chain
Chapter 20: Unreal Caves
Chapter 21: Caverns of Chaos XI
Final Chapter: The Chaos Gate

Let's Play Cave Story
Chapter 1: First Cave
Chapter 2: Either a Toaster or a Lunchbox
Chapter 3: Master's Precious Eggs
Chapter 4: Astroturf Nation
Chapter 5: We Can Build It
Chapter 6: Puppy on Head
Chapter 7: Tyrant
Chapter 8: Rock Bottom
Chapter 9: Heart of the Island
Chapter 10: Escape (And the Bad Ending)
Chapter 11: Ascend
Chapter 12: Last Cave
Chapter 13: Gauntlet (And the Normal Ending)
Chapter 14: It's a secret to everybody
Chapter 15: Save the Robot, Save the World
Chapter 16: Faffing About Story
Chapter 17: Running Hell
Final Chapter: Hate and Madness Given Flesh (And the Good Ending)

Let's Play Ever17: Out of Infinity
Chapter 1-1: Six Strangers
Chapter 1-2: Aquatics Anonymous
Chapter 1-3: Seventh Guest
Chapter 1-4: Under Pressure
Chapter 1-5: Time Limit on Trust
Chapter 1-6: Lights Out
Chapter 1-7: Takeshi Doesn't Know
Chapter 1-8: Kick the Can
Chapter 1-9: Damage Control
Chapter 1-10: Information Overload
Chapter 1-11: Virtual Friend
Chapter 1-12: All You Need Is
Chapter 1-13: Her Problem
Chapter 1-14: Liek OMG
Chapter 1-15: Red and Black
Chapter 1-16: Consequences
Chapter 1-17: Daisy, Daisy
Chapter 1-18: Tief Blau
Chapter 1-Final: Sky
Chapter 2-1: The Other Side
Chapter 2-2: Cognitive Dissonance
Chapter 2-3: A Kid by Any Other Name
Chapter 2-4: Life Readings
Chapter 2-5: This Is A Fish
Chapter 2-6: Son of Kick the Can
Chapter 2-7: Moonlight
Chapter 2-8: Memento
Chapter 2-9: Selective Perception
Chapter 2-10: Waiting for Me
Chapter 2-11: Total Recall
Chapter 2-Final: I Came Back For You
Chapter 3-1: What Is Your Deal
Chapter 3-2: Talking to Strangers
Chapter 3-3: Speed Running
Chapter 3-4: The Value of Life
Chapter 3-5: Hypocritic Oath
Chapter 3-6: Reunite With Loving Djungarian Hamster
Chapter 3-7: Unbreakable
Chatper 3-8: Life and Death
Chapter 3-9: Second Verse
Chapter 3-Final: Alive
Chapter 4-1: That Troublesome Pronoun
Chapter 4-2: Meet Your Mates
Chapter 4-3: Third Eye
Chapter 4-4: Kick the Repeated Scene
Chapter 4-5: Hacking is Hard
Chapter 4-6: Let's Do the Time Warp Again
Chapter 4-7: Set Your Calculator to Maths
Chapter 4-8: They're Hacking Our Internets
Chapter 4-9: Time Paradox
Chapter 4-10: Cool Your Head
Chapter 4-11: Losing Focus
Chapter 4-12: Spend a Little Time With Me
Chapter 4-13: True Wisdom
Chapter 4-Final: I Am You
Chapter 5-1: Questions
Chapter 5-2: Partial Recall
Chapter 5-3: I Knew Her Name
Chapter 5-4: Losing My Mind
Chapter 5-5: Paradigm Shift
Chapter 5-6: Deja Vu
Chapter 5-7: Clone Law
Chpater 5-8: Flip Flop
Chapter 5-9: Rip Van Winkle
Chapter 5-10: My Name
Chapter 5-11: Moon and Ocean
Chapter 5-12: Her World
Chapter 5-13: Connection
Chapter 5-14: Family
Chapter 5-15: Blick Winkel
Chapter 5-16: Perspective
Chapter 5-17: Out of Infinity

Let's Play Fate/Stay Night
Prologue Chapter 1: Nice Going Rin
Prologue Chapter 2: My Servant is Fight
Fate Chapter 1: Shirou Emiya is a Man
Fate Chapter 2: Shirou Dies in Magma!
Fate Chapter 3: Girls Can't Fight, Saber
Fate Chapter 4: Hold Down Ctrl (And Tiger Dojo No. 1)
Fate Chapter 5: Over Nine Thousand (And Tiger Dojo No. 2)
Fate Chapter 6: They Are On A Team
Fate Chapter 7: Son of Exposition
Fate Chapter 8: This is a Romantic Comedy
Fate Chapter 9: Non-Strangers Without Candy
Fate Chapter 10: It Had Been a While (And Tiger Dojo No. 3)
Fate Chapter 11: To Kill a Mockingbird Swallow
Fate Chapter 12: Eye of the Taiga
Fate Chapter 13: Servant Moe
Fate Chapter 14: Fight for your Right to Antics
Fate Chapter 15: Bloodfort Andromeda (And Tiger Dojo No. 4)
Fate Chapter 16: Free Fallin' (And Tiger Dojo No. 5)
Fate Chapter 17: Come Magic Cloud!
Fate Chapter 18: Where in Fuyuki is Shinji Sandiego
Fate Chapter 19: Irresponsible Master Shirou (And Tiger Dojo No. 6)
Fate Chapter 20: Split the Sky
Fate Chapter 21: Forever and Ever and Ever (And Tiger Dojo No. 7)
Fate Chapter 22: Super Fate/Stay Rescue Rangers
Fate Chapter 23: Rated D for Dragon
Fate Chapter 24: Mountain Slayer (And Tiger Dojo No. 8)
Fate Chapter 25: Promised Victory
Fate Chapter 26: Peer Bonding
Fate Chapter 27: There Are Still Other Servants Left (And Tiger Dojo No. 9)
Fate Chapter 28: Pattern Recognition (And Tiger Dojo No. 10)
Fate Chapter 29: ENCOUNTER
Fate Chapter 30: Thicken Ye Plot
Fate Chapter 31: Shirou Wastes Time
Fate Chapter 32: Hail to the King (And Tiger Dojo No. 11)
Fate Chapter 33: Determinator
Fate Chapter 34: Final Day (And Tiger Dojo No. 12)
Fate Chapter 35: Hell
Fate Chapter 36: Decide
Fate Chapter 37: Overcome the Strongest Enemy (And Tiger Dojo No. 14)
Fate Final Chapter: Avalon
Fate Epilogue
Fate Gaiden Chapter 1: Politically Incorrect
Fate Gaiden Chapter 2: We Have the Technology
Fate Gaiden Final Chapter: Out with a Bang (And Tiger Dojo No. 13)
Unlimited Blade Works Chapter 1: Might your Fates
Unlimited Blade Works Chapter 2: A Fool and his Life are Soon Parted (And Tiger Dojo No. 15)
Unlimited Blade Works Chapter 3: Giga Arrow Breaker
Unlimited Blade Works Chapter 4: Hotel Emiya
Unlimited Blade Works Chapter 5: CSI Fuyuki
Unlimited Blade Works Chapter 6: Welcome to Mayfield (And Tiger Dojo No. 16)
Unlimited Blade Works Chapter 7: Tohsaka Strikes
Unlimited Blade Works Chapter 8: She's Got a Ticket to Ride (And Tiger Dojo No. 17)
Unlimited Blade Works Chapter 9: Player 2 has Joined the Game
Unlimited Blade Works Chapter 10: Those Wacky Matous
Unlimited Blade Works Chapter 11: Border of Strife
Unlimited Blade Works Chapter 12: Sword Fetish
Unlimited Blade Works Chapter 13: Tsun Tsun Dere Dere
Unlimited Blade Works Chapter 14: You Activated My Trap Card (And Tiger Dojo No. 18)
Unlimited Blade Works Chapter 15: Breasts, Tohsaka
Unlimited Blade Works Chapter 16: God Power keeps my Pimp Hand Strong (And Tiger Dojo No. 19)
Unlimited Blade Works Chapter 17: Worst Foreshadowing
Unlimited Blade Works Chapter 18: Rin Tops
Unlimited Blade Works Chapter 19: Rule the Galaxy Together (And Tiger Dojo No. 20)
Unlimited Blade Works Chapter 20: Rule Breaker
Unlimited Blade Works Chapter 21: Intermission
Unlimited Blade Works Chapter 22: Poor Decision-Making Skills (And Tiger Dojo No. 21)
Unlimited Blade Works Chapter 23: Too Many Servants Spoil the War (And Tiger Dojo No. 22)
Unlimited Blade Works Chapter 24: Hope Extinguished
Unlimited Blade Works Chapter 25: Diplomacy
Unlimited Blade Works Chapter 26: The Saddest Chapter
Unlimited Blade Works Chapter 27: Bolivian Army Ending (And Tiger Dojo No. 23)
Unlimited Blade Works Chapter 28: Seriously, Who Is That Guy
Unlimited Blade Works Chapter 29: Tag Team Battle
Unlimited Blade Works Chapter 30: Reality Marble
Unlimited Blade Works Chapter 31: Identity
Unlimited Blade Works Chapter 32: Never Say Die
Unlimited Blade Works Chapter 33: I am the Bone of my Sword
Unlimited Blade Works Chapter 34: Rated D for Dolphin
Unlimited Blade Works Chapter 35: Impossible
Unlimited Blade Works Chapter 36: The Only Path (And Tiger Dojo No. 24)
Unlimited Blade Works Final Chapter: Answer
Unlimited Blade Works Gaiden Chapter 1: How's it Going Saber
Unlimited Blade Works Gaiden Final Chapter: Have your Cake and Date it Too
Heaven's Feel Chapter 1: First Girl Wins
Heaven's Feel Chapter 2: Revenge of Hold Down Ctrl
Heaven's Feel Chapter 3: Rider? I Barely Know 'Er
Heaven's Feel Chapter 4: Your Wondrous Changing Body
Heaven's Feel Chapter 5: It Is Not Enough
Heaven's Feel Chapter 6: Murder
Heaven's Feel Chapter 7: War Balance Randomizer (And Tiger Dojo No. 25)
Heaven's Feel Chapter 8: No Way Out (And Tiger Dojo No. 26)
Heaven's Feel Chapter 9: Honorary Ilya Route
Heaven's Feel Chapter 10: Dancing with the Devil (And Tiger Dojo No. 27)
Heaven's Feel Chapter 11: Game Over
Heaven's Feel Chapter 12: Lone Wolf (And Tiger Dojo No. 28)
Heaven's Feel Chapter 13: It Makes Sense
Heaven's Feel Chapter 14: Grey Eyed Girl (And Tiger Dojo No. 29)
Heaven's Feel Chapter 15: Objective Evil (And Tiger Dojo No. 30)
Heaven's Feel Chapter 16: Subjective Good (And Tiger Dojo No. 31)
Heaven's Feel Chapter 17: Rated U for Unicorn (And Tiger Dojo No. 32)
Heaven's Feel Chapter 18: The Sword of Magus (And Tiger Dojo No. 33)
Heaven's Feel Chapter 19: Lend a Hand
Heaven's Feel Chapter 20: I Squashed a Bug
Heaven's Feel Chapter 21: Empty
Heaven's Feel Chapter 22: Holes
Heaven's Feel Chapter 23: Nightmare
Heaven's Feel Chapter 24: What Assassins Do (And Tiger Dojo No. 34)
Heaven's Feel Chapter 25: Heart of Ice (And Tiger Dojo No. 35)
Heaven's Feel Chapter 26: Limit Break
Heaven's Feel Chapter 27: Anger Therapy (And Tiger Dojo No. 36)
Heaven's Feel Chapter 28: The Loneliest Number (And Tiger Dojo No. 37)
Heaven's Feel Chapter 29: Shitty Fake Priest
Heaven's Feel Chapter 30: Nine Bullet Revolver
Heaven's Feel Chapter 31: Last Exposition
Heaven's Feel Chapter 32: Two Great Men Shared Life (And Tiger Dojo No. 38)
Heaven's Feel Chapter 33: Final Battle (And Tiger Dojo No. 39)
Heaven's Feel Chapter 34: Into the Void (And Tiger Dojo No. 40)
Heaven's Feel Chapter 35: Spring (And the Normal Ending)
Heaven's Feel Final Chapter: All Good in This Life

Let's Play Iji
Sector 1: Hope
Sector 1 Part 2
Sector 2: Reality
Sector 2 Part 2
Sector 3: Conflict
Sector 4: Trust
Sector 5: Genocide
Sector 5 Part 2
Sector 6: Struggle
Sector 6 Part 2
Sector 7: Interception
Sector 7 Part 2
Sector 8: Fracture
Sector 8 Part 2
Sector 9: Zeal
Sector 9 Part 2
Sector X: Unstoppable
Sector X Part 2
Let's Play Iji Again:
Sector 1
Sector 2
Sector 3
Sector 4
Sector 5
Sector 6
Sector 7
Sector 8
Sector 9
Sector X
Let's Play Iji Gaiden:
Sector Z
Sector Various
Sector Y

Let's Play The Neverhood
Chapter 1: Wake Up
Chapter 2: The Archives
Chapter 3: Weasel Chase
Chapter 4: Open Sesame
Chapter 5: Water Shortage
Chapter 6: The Pulling of the Pin
Chapter 7: Birthday
Chapter 8: Big Robot Bil
Final Chapter: These Disks Tell a Story
Ending A: Klaymen Takes the Crown
Ending B: Klaymen Returns the Crown

Let's Play Spelunky
Tutorial Cave
Floors 1-2
Floors 3-4
Floors 5-7
Attempt #6
Attempt #8
Attempt #10
Attempt #11
Attempt #17
Attempt #18
Attempt #27, Floors 1-14
Attempt #27, Floors 15-16
Let's Play Spelunky Gaiden:
Attempt #2
Attempt #4

Let's Play The Spirit Engine 2
Chapter 1-1: Strangers
Chapter 1-2: The Keepers
Chapter 2-1: Brave Frontier
Chapter 2-2: Plains Crossing
Chapter 2-3: Scarytown
Chapter 2-4: Safest Way to Travel
Chapter 3-1: It Could Be Worse
Chapter 3-2: In Too Deep
Chapter 3-3: Bad Religion
Chapter 3-4: Out of the Dark
Chapter 4-1: Her Maleficentness
Chapter 4-2: This City
Chapter 4-3: Job Offer
Chapter 5-1: Aftermath
Chapter 5-2: Corpse Vale
Chapter 5-3: From Above
Chapter 6-1: Halfway There
Chapter 6-2: Self Esteem Team
Chapter 6-3: You Don't Belong in this World
Chapter 6-4: Science!
Chapter 7-1: The Tameless Traverse
Chapter 7-2: Welcome to the Jungle
Chapter 7-3: Foreshadowing
Chapter 7-4: New World Order
Chapter 8-1: Detour
Chapter 8-2: The Trial
Chapter 8-3: Thing from Beyond the Stars
Chapter 9-1: War Zone
Chapter 9-2: Break Through
Chapter 9-3: Moment of Victory
Final Chapter: World Eye

Let's Play Super Touhou Wars
Chapter 1 (Reimu): Wonderful Shrine Maiden of Paradise
Chapter 1 (Marisa): Departure
Chapter 2 (Reimu): Visitor to the Human Village
Chapter 2 (Marisa): Magicians and Lies
Chapter 3: The Silver Servant
Chapter 3: The Silver Servant, Part 2
Chapter 4 (Reimu): Battle in the Mist
Chapter 4 (Marisa): Magicannon! Master Spark
Chapter 5 (Reimu): Neppu! Shippu! Shameimaru!
Chapter 5 (Marisa): Daiyousei SOS
Chapter 6: Encounter over the Misty Lake
Chapter 7: Encounter over the Misty Lake II
Chapter 8: Red Boundary
Chapter 9: Trap in the Great Library
Chapter 9: Trap in the Great Library, Part 2
Chapter 10: Humans and Youkai
Chapter 10: Humans and Youkai, Part 2
Chapter 11: The Eternally Young Scarlet Moon
Chapter 11: The Eternally Young Scarlet Moon, Part 2
Chapter 12: Summer Home
Chapter 13 (Reimu): The Echoing Bell of the Wind God
Chapter 13 (Marisa): Sister of Scarlet
Chapter 14: To the Heart of the Lunatic Darkness
Chapter 15: Scarlets
Chapter 15: Scarlets, Part 2
Chapter 1 (Sakuya): Moon, Sun and Servant
Chapter 2 (Sakuya): The Swaying Lunar Clock
Chapter 3 (Sakuya): Knife in the Palm of your Hand
Final Chapter (Sakuya): Perfect and Elegant Maid

Let's Play Super Touhou Wars 2
Chapter 16: Revisiting
Chapter 17: The Mountain Where Gods Dwell
Chapter 18 (Reimu): Don't Lay a Hand On Her
Chapter 18 (Marisa): To Lay a Hand on the Scarlet Mansion
Chapter 19: Invasion! The Otherworldly Mountain's Autumn
Chapter 20 (Reimu): Curse God Calamity
Chapter 20 (Marisa): The Far Coast of Friendship
Chapter 21: Visible Path
Chapter 21: Visible Path (continued)
Chapter 22: Faith is for the Transient People
Chapter 23: Ah, Gods and Mortals on the Grounds of the Divine Lake
Chapter 23: Ah, Gods and Mortals on the Grounds of the Divine Lake (continued)
Chapter 24: A Toast to Danmaku
Chapter 25 (Reimu): Maidens' Winter
Chapter 25 (Marisa): Visitor in the Snow
Chapter 26: Spring Snow
Chapter 27: Yesterday's Enemy, Today's Enemy
Chapter 28 (Reimu): Four Seasons Crossing
Chapter 28 (Marisa): Cave of Illusion
Chapter 29 (Reimu): Encounter
Chapter 29 (Marisa): Closed Runaway
Chapter 30: Cherry Blossom Barrier Above the Clouds, First Part
Chapter 30: Cherry Blossom Barrier Above the Clouds, First Part (continued)
Chapter 31: Cherry Blossom Barrier Above the Clouds, Second Part
Chapter 32: Brink of Death on the Hakygyokurou Staircase
Chapter 33: Perfect Cherry Blossom
Final Chapter: Offering to the Falling Flowers
Final Chapter: Offering to the Falling Flowers (continued)

Let's Play Uplink
Chapter 1: Welcome to Uplink
Chapter 2: I Need Mo' Allowance
Chapter 3: Suck it, Governments
Chapter 4: Breaking the System
Chapter 5: Let's Get Ridiculous
Chapter 6: The Message
Chapter 7: Andromeda Strain
Chapter 8: This Means War
Final Chapter: Faith

Let's Play The Ur-Quan Masters
Chapter 0-1: Introduction and a Trip to Mercury
Chapter 0-2: In Which the Plot is Revealed
Chapter 0-3: I Promise I'll Leave Sol in Part 4
Chapter 1-1: Landergeddon
Chapter 1-2: Operation Spathi
Chapter 1-3: *Words*
Chapter 1-4: Concentrate and Ask Again
Chapter 1-5: A More Useless Ally
Chapter 2-1: Crossing Spaces
Chapter 2-2: Magical Mystery Tour
Chapter 3-1: Meeting Admiral Badtouch
Chapter 3-2: Of Aliens and Larger Alienes
Chapter 3-3: Army of Robots VS Socratic Method
Chapter 3-4: Revolutions
Chapter 4-1: By the Fetid Breath
Chatper 4-2: Decisions
Chapter 5-1: Meet the Syreen
Chapter 5-2: All That is Not Juffowup
Chapter 5-3: The Destroyer of Worlds
Chapter 5-4: Best Served Cold
Chatper 6-1: Oh, What's the Use?
Chapter 6-2: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb
Chapter 6-3: If Ever There Was a Devil
Chapter 6-4: By the power of SUN
Chapter 7-1: New Alliance of Free Stars, Transform and Roll Out
Chapter 7-2: The Guardian Fleet
Chapter 7-3: Sa-Matra

Let's Play Touhouvania II
Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Stage 4
Stage 5
Stage 6
Stage 7
Final Stage

LP One-Shots
Let's Play Crimsoness
Let's Play Double Spoiler
Let's Play Fairy Wars
Let's Play Ten Desires

Discontinued LPs
Let's Play Barkley Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden
Let's Play Battle Moon Wars
Let's Play Black & White
Let's Play Metroid
Let's Play Mother 3 (Needs renovation)
Let's Play Shoot the Bullet
Let's Play Vantage Master

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